Another go at an Orgasm free Month

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Well I've been pretty good at keeping track of my orgasms. Because I've become so aware of their insidious effect I've managed to cut down to one a week at most. I went for a month without one back in March and more recently I went 17 days without one. I know that because I've never been involved with pornography it's been easier for me than it is for a lot of people (for those of you caught in it's grip I feel for you). I only have my natural sex drive at work which as a healthy 24 year old is pretty high. I'm also committed to the principled Christian ethic of celibacy in singleness with sex as a sacred act in marriage. So from the get go I've put sex on a high plane.

More recently I've fallen into the practice of "edging" in the morning. Usually, this involves me having my arms wrapped around the pillow as I imagine that I'm kissing someone I love while gently stroking my love stick up against the sheets. Something that I'm noticing, now that I'm not bringing myself to orgasm is the presence of pre-ejaculate. For the past two weeks I've secreted it about every morning. While edging can be enjoyable for awhile it ultimately leaves you just as unsatisfied as orgasm. It often leaves me with a dull ache behind my eyes and which (as I found out yesterday) is where the frontal lobes are located. The frontal lobes also happen to contain most of the dopamine sensitive neurons. So it's no surprise that the over-stimulation that results from edging would cause discomfort there. It really feels like you're brain is frazzled and tired. I don't regret my experience with edging it's taught me a lot but it's time to let that go too.

I've started talking to a girl who lives out state that I met on a plane. She's a Christian and a virgin as well (what are the odds?). There's definitely chemistry between us and she's very devoted to self-improvement (A future Karezza convert?) She's in Spain all of July but I'm spending a week with her next month. I want to be as balanced as I can be when I go see her so I have incentive to stay orgasm free this month. I've had three this week and including the one I had last night. I actually feel VERY relaxed today but I know it's an illusion. I'm going to keep track of my mood this month. I know nocturnal emissions await me. They always show up when I consciously abstain but they're not as intense or draining as masturbation. So much to learn about one's own sexual response :).


How does Karezza fit with Celibacy?

You stated that as a committed Christian and a virgin you are devoted to celibacy and believe that sex should be reserved for marriage. I am not certain with your beliefs where Karezza fits into that picture. If you are what some people call a “technical virgin”, only actual vaginal penetration is off the table, I could maybe see it. I am really curious because if you don’t do anything physical and presumably naked with your partner; aren’t you just not doing anything anyway and Karezza is simply theoretical? I really would like your viewpoint on this as to what you believe is acceptable to you under your belief system.

You are just a couple of years older than I am so I would presume you have had some sort of relationships in the past. Unless you went to a very religious college I would think finding someone with your beliefs would be very difficult in a college or university setting, at least where we go to school it would be. Just wondering how that played out with partners or love interests.

A final thought on your name, Luke350; chapter 3 of Luke doesn’t go to 50. Am I reading too much into the name or is there some other significance?