Day 4, Morning Masturbation

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The start of day 4 didn't go as I would have liked it. I always love the way morning masturbation feels when you've abstained for awhile. Your testosterone levels are higher in the morning and it just feels pleasurable instead of compulsive. I'm assuming because you're relaxed from just waking up you don't have the desire to just get off. You can ride the wave, back off, lose your erection if you want to and still feel alright. I didn't though, after my erection started going away I started thrusting into my mattress harder to bring it back. From there it was on to climax. I'm sure morning karezza would be heaven with a partner. Just a bump in the road though. I know that orgasm isn't good for me in the long run so it's back on the correction train.



Our cycles seem to have synchronized.

I got up early today morning (day 4 as well) and for some reason was feeling restless. I am on twice a week schedule so maybe it was withdrawal symptoms. I also drank a lot of coffee the day before and was jittery. Not sure what caused the anxiety but I am cutting down coffee just to 1 cup a day.

And yeah I used the mattress too. :)


Mattresses are very addictive. They are soft, so they replicate a cuddling like effect.

A hand on the other hand is just mechanical and doesnt provide the same dopamine release.

I know the harmful effects of mattress masturbation. Merely pointing out why it's so hard to give it up once you are into it.