Reboot First 24 Hours

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So it's been awhile since I've posted on this site. In the three years since I last blogged I've had a lot of victory over masturbation and the inevitable fallout. In late 2013/2014 I went for 5 months without bringing myself to ejaculation. It was a long hard road and since then I'll occasionally go for 2-3 month dry spells. I was also in a relationship where I experienced the power of affectionate touch. Such peace and contentment....and the incredible sleep I would have after I would cuddle with my sweetheart. Unfortunately it didn't last (different value system) but I keep track of every emission I have and so far in 2016 I've brought myself to ejaculation 18 times. When you consider the fact that we're 200 some odd days into the year it means masturbation is pretty rare. More often than not I masturbate about twice a month. I want to shoot for a better average than that. I just feel like I'm more productive and more of myself when I abstain for longer periods. In rare form, I let one go this past Thursday and then did it again yesterday (the chaser). At 4 this morning I was really aroused and decided to indulge. This last one was like a tranquilizer...minutes after I climaxed I was out cold. I'm already feeling the effects of having emissions so close together. There have been times over the past couple days where I've just burned with desire (not normal libido but the fire that I kindled by deciding to give in this past Thursday). Subjectively, I feel really small...not exansive and virile which is the way I feel when I abstain for a couple weeks. As I'm writing this post before bed...I'm feeling really emotional...for no apparent reason. I want to cry...but I'm not sure what I would be crying about. Anways, I just feel compelled to journal and document all the cool things that will happen the longer I abstain.


Perhaps one prospect on the

Perhaps one prospect on the horizon but only time will tell. I have a fragile heart and I don't want to bond with anyone unless she and I are both truly committed to one another. I love your articles and I'll be on the look out for new ones.