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It's been awhile since I have posted anything but I am still here.
We, wife and I, have been practicing Karezza for about a year now. Things have been going fine. I have been retaining my semen and have enjoyed the benefits from it but I feel a bit selfish or even guilty to some extent. I have been reading quite a bit about semen and all of its "magical" qualities and it is bothering me not to share them with my love. She has been doing OK but I have noticed some changes in her overall demeanor that I cant quite put my finger on and I am wondering if it has to do with the lack of semen I share with her, or don't share. As I look back and do some math, I used to supply her with anywhere from 3 to 6 ejaculations a week or about 10 or so ounces a month. I never measured the exact amount but when we were doing conventional sex it used to make quite a big mess so the volumn is there. I think I am going to make the sacrifice and start ejaculating in her again and allow her to once again experience the joys associated with receiving my semen. I have this feeling that her body craves it and it is becoming more and more difficult for me to withhold it from her, not that I can't control myself, I have mastered semen retention and can have intercourse now for as long as I want which is usually anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. My plan is to continue with our long, lazy, beautiful Karezza sessions but at the end I will allow myself to ejaculate and deposit my semen deep inside her vagina and I will remain inside her for a time to give her body time to absorb its goodness and avoid spilling it and letting it go to waste. In the past I usually did not remain inside her and quite a bit of my semen got wasted so I am hoping now by staying inside her for a time that won't happen. It is something I want to try for awhile and see what happens. I plan to ejaculate as much semen inside her as I can over the next month or so and see if I can see any improvements on her part. I dont plan to let her know exactly why I am doing this but I will let her know that I am going back to ejaculation for awhile. i would have to say something or she would think it mighty strange for me to be ejaculating again after a whole year of no orgasms. I am sure it will drain me but I feel as though it will be worth it. It sure would be nice to be able to ejaculate my semen into her without having an orgasm, how cool would that be!
So that's my plan, what say you Karezzanauts?



Let us know how it goes

I think those reporting the "benefits of semen" are confusing it with the "imagined benefits of sperm."

If there are such benefits...and the research is very sketchy...they have so far been hypothesized to belong to elements of ejaculate other than sperm.

I can well believe that the exchange of sexual fluids is healthy, but I'm not yet persuaded that those fluids need to contain sperm to do their job. I'll be curious to see what you observe.

Also, just for the record, some women are allergic to things in semen. For them the "mystical properties" are not in evidence at all.

Enjoy your explorations.

No sperm

She won't be receiving any sperm as I am shootin blanks. We took care of that about 22 years ago, right after our second child. She will just be receiving pure spermless semen. As far as being allergic to it, not an issue.

Are they the same?

They certainly don't look taste or feel the same. Precum is completely clear and salty tasting and very slippery, and nowcum.......... well, enough said about that. Isn't there a huge difference between precum and nowcum? Also isn't the volume of precum much less than nowcum?

None of these differences

may have anything to do with the supposed benefits women report. (As I said, I only know of one study making these claims and the evidence was thin - but maybe there are more now. I haven't looked at the issue in a while.)

Only a small amount of "goodies" (whatever they are) can be absorbed in any case, and with karezza couples tend to make love for longer and produce more sexual fluids apart from ejaculation, so how do we know ejaculation is the magic requirement?

Goodies are good

There is quite a bit of evidence supporting the positve effects semen has on us girls. I for one love it when my man cums inside me. We practice Karezza and you are right the fluids flow, wow do they flow, we love that aspect of Karezza, but he still has an occasional orgasm which I just love. I feel so good when he cums, I get sort of a sense of well being, fulfillment, joy and satisfaction when he ejaculates inside me. I have never been a swallower but I do believe receving semen from him during intercourse is good for me, whether there are some "goodies" for me or not. I love the emotional high and I just like the whole experience, or love it, all of it, the build up, the climax, his orgasm, his moans/groans, his ejaculation, spasms etc. I even have some minor bruises on my arms right now from an orgasm that he had no control over, it was amazing! There really is nothing else like being part of your man having an orgasm right there, deep inside you, right in front of you, watching him cum and orgasm, and being in the moment with him as he goes through it. It is the closest, most unique, most personal, most intimate part of marriage.

I know men get drained when they orgasm and ejaculate (understandably so; it is so nice to be a woman and be on the receiving end) but he seems to rebound pretty well. He is always ready, more so than I would expect from all I have read. In fact he is much more ready than I, the "no orgasmer."

So for me, maybe it has more to do with the experience than the semen but I do not want him to stop having orgasms with me, I like orgasms. Maybe I will have one again someday.

My guess is that

we're programmed to like causing men to orgasm, whether or not there's anything particularly marvelous in semen. Smile

It would make sense, no? However, it's probably a "selfish gene" buzz, right? Especially if it has a negative effect on our partner.

It's great that you've found what works for you.

Selfish gene?

I am not too sure what you meant about the "selfish gene" buzz. Isnt that one of the things we humans do with our mates, enjoy their "joy" with them? Should it be considered selfish?

When he does have that occasional orgasm it is his doing not mine, he causes it when he wants to. My point is, I enjoy seeing him enjoy himself, if he wants to have an occasional orgasm that is his choice not mine. Like I said the negative effects seem to be minimal for him. I have asked him about it and he says the tradeoff is worth it every now and then. We are talking about once a month, if that.

It was a reference

to this book: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Selfish_Gene

Its thesis is that our behaviors derive from genetic programming that serves our genes' immorality, not our happiness as people.

So we may all like orgasm just because it promotes the behaviors that pass on genes, not because it's vital to our happiness. In fact, in those who experience subsequent neurochemical "ripples," orgasm may be a separating force, which doesn't serve us at all. But our genes will still drive us toward orgasms because it helps them get passed on to future generations.


I got it. What you said makes sense if you meant to say "immortality" not "immorality" , big difference. I hate to think we had any immoral genes. LOL

Wow, more fluids

"produce more sexual fluids apart from ejaculation"
Now you are getting my attention, what else am I producing other than precum and semen and if we practice Karezza for 45 mins to an hour won't those fluids be produced anyway? We are still practicing Karezza, only difference is at the end, I ejaculate, adding semen to whatever those other wonderful fluids are you mentioned, what are they? Where do they come from?

This is an interesting review of the study


The interesting part, to me, is that gay men reported going bareback increased their sense of "connectedness".

Nothing about biology is ever simple, is it?

Personally, I'm exposed about twice a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. I'm going to track my moods as best I can over the next few months, and see if I see a relationship.


I can totally see that

barebacking, or condomless intercourse registers as more satisfying. Evolution would favor it so naked genital contact is prolly a particularly potent "bonding behavior."

'Course that says nothing about whether ejaculate offers special benefits, or whether it offers benefits that pre-cum alone would not.

Looking forward to your observations.

Perhaps I'm being petulant

but I swear I could mistake you for a vivisectionist. You used to "supply her with 3 to 6 ejaculations"? Is that your wife's choice of words?

I can't help thinking there's a reason no woman ever describes her partner's semen in such pharmaceutical terms. Doesn't the widespread disharmony in sexual relationships -- or the existence of this website -- suggest that *if* semen is a tonic, it's not a very good one? I've heard these studies about semen but they don't match up with what's all around us, so why make decisions based upon them?

Nothing personal, but if I was a woman I think I'd prefer extra oxytocin to your 10 fl oz. But if you can really avoid orgasm whilst doing it, then fair play to you!

Beef heart, thanks for the input.

I am able to avoid orgasm during intercourse for as long as I want to. I can't however produce semen without having an orgasm, that is where the difficulty comes in, I wish I could but as far as I know, there is no way for me to produce semen without having an orgasm and ejaculating. I have heard about it happening through prostate massage but I would prefer not to use that method.

I beg your pardon, I have not made any decision about the effects of my semen on my wife, I hope to know more about it after some time has passed and I have produced, ejaculated, deposited (whatever) enough semen to know for myself. That is why I am doing this, I'd like to know for myself. Then I will make a decision based on the evidence if there is any. But right now I don't know and you don't either.

You said " I've heard these studies about semen but they don't match up with what's all around us, so why make decisions based upon them?"
Please enlighten us all, What "is all around us" about the benefits or problems with semen to a woman?

Also, how is what we are doing having anything to do with my wife's enjoyment of oxytocin?

You also said this website suggests that semen is not a "very good tonic" where did you find that info, please pass that on too. I can't find any info here or anywhere else that would suggest there is any benefit for a woman to avoid semen. Or anything that would suggest any issues involving a woman receiving too much semen, especially in a monogamous relationship where all the semen she receives has to be produced by the same man. I do agree that producing it and delivering it takes a lot out of a man but for now, for me, it's worth it.

Here are a few websites of interest:







I appreciate your thoughts/concerns. I have enjoyed not ejaculating and not producing semen over the last year or so. But I don't know if I am causing any "harm" to my body by producing it once again.
By the way we don't produce semen until we ejaculate. We always possess the ingredients to make semen, but semen isn't semen until an ejaculation occurs, that is when all those ingredients get mixed together and get sent on their way. So there is no "storing of semen". As far as my wife's body, she produces copious amounts of fluid during intercourse but is not semen.

And as far as my pshychy goes......we'll see. I will have to take note of whether I am balanced or imbalanced over the next month or so. Thanks


[quote=Luv2fly] She has been doing OK but I have noticed some changes in her overall demeanor that I cant quite put my finger on and I am wondering if it has to do with the lack of semen I share with her, or don't share. ?[/quote]

Can you be a bit more specific? If your wife experienced, or exhibited, changes for the better after you stopped ejaculating, are these recent changes a return to how she was before, when you were ejaculating, or something new?


has made a huge difference in our relationship and after we got into it she did show changes for the better, we became much closer and still are. We are bonded very well and are doing fine as a couple, that is what Karezza has done for us. What's going on now is a bit hard to describe. I wouldn't say these recent changes are a return to how she was before, which there was nothing wrong with. I have just been noticing an overall slowness, lack of spontaneity, low libido, etc. There is definitely something amiss and I have no clue if my hunch about semen is the answer. You know us men we gotta try to fix things. I am only hoping, and it may have no effect whatsoever. But going from no semen to as much as I can produce should tell me something, if in fact there is anything to it.

Semen strategy

[quote=Luv2fly] But going from no semen to as much as I can produce should tell me something, if in fact there is anything to it.[/quote]

It sounds like a very worthwhile experiment you're proposing.

I look forward to hearing what happens - with you as well as your wife!

Our Thoughts on Fluid Bonding

My girlfriend and I have followed the discussion on fluid bonding in this thread for awhile before I decided to comment. Fluid bonding is pretty topical on college campuses but for a different reason, mainly that a large majority of college students are not monogamous and fluids bear prominently in disease transmission. For that reason and birth control, many on college campuses forgo any fluid exchange especially semen.

Most college students have heard at least folklore of the benefits of sexual fluids. I guess I am agnostic with regards to fluid bonding at least at this point in time. My girlfriend and I have discussed this a few times previously, it did play a role in selection of birth control methods. She is more convinced of fluid exchange benefits than I am; her reasons some scientific, some let’s say romantic. We discussed the current thread last weekend, reviewed the citations made by several posts and stand about where we were before. I will say that lack of semen exchange is one of the very few things that bothers my girlfriend about Karezza and Tantra.

Her reasons are much like those cited in the thread, she has read some of the references given previously. The same women's studies class that brought us to Karezza discussed fluid exchange benefits. You certainly can't accuse them of being one sided in the class. Now for what I call the romantic reasons, she calls them anecdotal. She believes that she is more fulfilled after fluid bonding. I asked her if perhaps that is more because of a psychological situation than a physiological. She granted that was a distinct possibility even though she still thinks a man's load gives her health benefits, especially mood elevation—when she does it certainly elevates my mood.

I think that it is very hard to pin down a woman's benefits from a man's semen. I think you can make the argument that sex is a great way to fight depression in and of itself without any fluid passage. But by that same logic it is also very difficult to prove she receives no benefit from it either. The vagina is designed to absorb things and semen does contain hormones, etc. I guess I will give it a maybe, even allowing for the placebo effect.

When we have orgasms now they are usually vaginal but some are still oral, actually some of my favorite orgasms are oral. Our earlier orgasms were usually oral, great birth control and fun, which brings me to my perhaps second point; all life forms encourage activities that cause sustaining the species, basically it wants the life form to reproduce for self preservation, such as orgasms feel good. This is the basic biological imperative. Therefore the benefits alluded to from swallowing would negate a basic function of every life form I can think of. Orally ingesting semen would have no biological or evolutionary benefit to a life form. I will say that it could be coincidental that the benefit occurs, but I think the argument is that the fluid bonding is biologically intentional.

To answer the obvious question, yes my girlfriend does swallow—spitters are quitters—and both of us really enjoy it. But for me at least, the joy in her swallowing I would argue is totally psychological; there is something just so hot about the oral sex and then watching her take down my load. If she gets a physical benefit from swallowing my load great; but even my girlfriend admits that what really turns her on it watching me watch her do it.

Those are some thoughts that we had from discussing the posts. We really enjoyed reading everybody’s comments, especially how everybody is so eager to run an experiment. We discussed this while in bed naked basically between a couple of Karezza sessions. We decided to stick to a no orgasm night, so we didn't really get a chance to do more testing of passing fluids that night. We’ll be interested in the results of everyone’s experiments.

we do pass fluids quite a lot

but not prostatic semen too often. As has been mentioned, a lot of "Cowpers gland" type precum gets circulated. But of course that is very different from a load of semen.

To me it isn't worth it but I'm interested in all the lab results here!


The "lab" work hasn't been doing to well.

Things got off to a good start for the first two weeks, but then "life" got in the way for the last week or so. Things like family, travel, work, house guests, bla, bla, bla, have all interrupted the experiment. So, hopefully we will be back on track soon.

Back to Karezza!

Well it's been six weeks now since I began my experiment. Like I said earlier we have been enjoying Karezza with the only difference being me having an orgasm/ejaculation at the end.

I have come to several conclusions:

We have sex much less, as my drive takes awhile to return which is not the case wtih Karezza, I am (for the most part) always ready when practicing Karezza, every other day was our norm but in "orgasm mode" sometimes we would go as long as four or five days, not good.
Like most of us the "rush" of an orgasm is awesome, too much for words, but the after-effects just dont agree with me, I won't belabor that issue, as we all know what they are. I just don't do as well having orgasms/ejaculations. The orgasms are just too taxing on me physically and emotionally. They literally drain me, not only of my semen. I did notice that when I did have an orgasm, after thirty or forty minutes, sometimes an hour of Karezza style intercourse, they were mind blowing! Sometimes I was actually incapacitated for a few minutes.

Another huge issue has been with the quality of my erections. I noticed it almost right away, after I started having orgasms again, it just wasn't there, I took longer to get erect and I had trouble maintaining my erection during intercourse. And lots of times I could only get about a 3/4 erection. To me there is nothing I enjoy more that intercourse with a firm, erect penis, by the same token there is nothing worse than trying to have deep satisfying intercourse with one that is soft, kinda like pushing a rope.....
Another issue was when we were finished I had all of those normal separation feelings that accompany an orgasm, which just aren't there with Karezza.
It's been about a week now since my last orgasm so things are starting to get back to normal, I had forgotten how taxing it was having orgasms.
Getting back to Karezza in it's pure form with no orgasm has been good.

As far as the benefits my wife received from my semen I would have to say they are minimal at best, if at all. If I had to list them I could not. I would have to say it may just be "life" that has it's effects on her and all of us for that matter!

So, there you have it, back to Karezza.

Thank you

For coming back here and sharing this. When I read the initial post I was kind of terrified for you, afraid you were falling off the tracks and losing something that would've been amazing.

But it appears my fears were unfouned, and here you are with useful results, going back to what works so well. Mad props to you, Sir!

I, too, am very grateful

both for your willingness to experiment and for your report. I made of number of such experiments myself...some of them inadvertent Blush before I was a solid convert.

The best part about this forum is being able to share with others. This approach is so unfamiliar that it really is like blazing an old, but grown-over, trail. Nice to have company.


Thanks for detailing your experiences. It's possible you could only realise the effect of orgasm because you had a Karezza benchmark to compare it with. Otherwise, your longish recovery period, half hearted erections, and withdrawal afterwards, might just seem like everyday reality. It's a curious business, that's for sure, as the clarion call, from almost every corner, is the more orgasms we have, the merrier we will be.

What you say reminds me of the last sentence in William Lloyds book:

"Every stock breeder will tell you that to permit a bull or stallion to serve too many or too often is to devitalize him."

Mind you, I can't say I've noticed this in cockerels. No matter how big their harem, they always seem to be ready to 'serve' - although I have to wonder if some sort of fallout might be contributing to their nasty tempers.