Semen and cervical cancer

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I dont know if this subject has been discussed here or not cause I am a newbie. Over the years the rumor has been that semen helped reduce the risk of cervical cancer. I googled 'semen and cervical cancer' and was blown away with the results. Unbelievable. Karezza is definitely the answer to this one.



it would be easy for you to spell it out

there is a link thought to be found in at least one study between semen and cervical cancer. Due supposedly to the high concentration of postaglandins found in semen that can stimulate cervical cancer that already exists. That's my take on it. 

I also think at least some studies say that semen probably has benefits to women. Although who really knows.

Karezza sex is less rough

it might be a reason why intercourse without ejaculation is kinder to the female genitals.

I agree though Marnia that there is probably a lot more to it.

There are amazing feelings of well being from Karezza that feel very healing.