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Any info about what effect the Karezza method might have on sleep patterns. I have suffered from sleep disorder for years but since Karezza came into our lives I sleep through the night. Don't know if it is just a coincidence or if it has something to do with no orgasms.



That's great news

Same thing happened to Gary. Before we got together, i.e., pre-karezza, he could never sleep through the night with a lover. Had to get up and go somewhere else to try to sleep. He was amazed at how quickly he started sleeping well with me.

To me it makes sense that our nervous systems find it soothing to be off that neurochemical roller coaster...yet still getting the snuggles.

Even without the orgasms

getting too heated up will wire the nervous system. Since Karezza, I have found that when there is consistent love making and snuggles, sleep patterns are ideal. But when it is inconsistent and too heated, I end up with an overabundance of energy which leads to insomnia.


This is all so amazing to me, how come we haven't heard more about Karezza over the years? This is the best thing that has ever happened to our marriage.


Maybe its time for Marnia and Gary to get with the folks at Fox.
I am sure they would be interested in this and with a little publicity it would be watched and talked about by lots of folks for a long time! With all the talk nowadays about gay rights, lesbian rights, etc., I would imagine this topic would be one they would like to discuss and debate.


The other way to understand things sometimes, is to follow the money, there is no money in this thing, certainly the Pharmacuetical companies don't want anyone to hear about anything that can help with ED and sleep dissorder, and they sure don't won't to hear about something that doesn't cost a dime, bringing feelings of wellbeing and happiness, without taking a pill, or spending thousands with counselors and shrinks. Imagine what the marriage counseling sector would have to say about it. I remember being told one time years ago that one way to measure the strength and success of a marriage was by the amount of sex and orgasms! How many times have men and women felt guilty because they didn't orgasm when making love with their mate? And you can imagine how this would go over with the porn industry, hahaha. Oh well enough of this, just glad we found it, or it found us........