Alan Watts discusses sexual-spiritual technique

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A forum member shared this audio file of Watts discussing his take on karezza and Chinese sexual practices. From the person who sent the link:

I timestamped it for you around the most relevant part. But before and after that timestamped area is pretty relevant too. At 43:55 he says the word "karezza".



As amazing

as Alan Watts is, I am not sure he got this one right. Maybe he did, but I'm not sure. He said "coitus reservatus, or karezza to use the Persian word." I am not sure if that is accurate. Is karezza a Persian word?

Oh, actually I did find something on this. Wikipedia mentions Alan Watts was not accurate in saying karezza is a Persian word.

Is that accurate? Probably so.

Oh well...

Not Persian

but rather a variation on the Italian word for "caress" (which is "carezza"), according to Stockham herself, who coined it. But that's not a big deal.

I agree

It is not a big deal. I still wonder what would have led Alan Watts to think it was a Persian word.

That aside, what he says about karezza, and the fact that he mentions it, is interesting and good to hear.