Bonding behaviors for sale

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I love this

I really like this. I have concern for her safety and wonder if there will ultimately be some kind of legal restrictions that get in the way of the pure, innocent and loving essence of her intention. And, bring on the professional cuddlers nationwide!

Me, too

I love this, too. Makes me wonder how many men throughout history, visited prostitutes and maybe went for the orgasm because it was expected, or, never even had the orgasm. But we never hear of these stories.

Curious how I might feel if I had a boyfriend, and he would want to go to a professional cuddler. Hmmmmm . . .

Figures this would be another step in the enlightenment of the human race. Bring 'em on!


How you maybe felt if you had a boyfriend going to a cuddler

I have a boyfriend who had a phase where he cuddled with other people or held hands with them and it made me very jealous and nearly destroyed my ability to trust. It must be my stubbornness that we are still a couple.^^

Within that phase he often said I couldn´t give him what he needed and I couldn´t name it exactly but somewhere inside of me I knew what he meant - still didn´t know what to do because I still thought: good sex = good relationship. The focus was on sex and I would never have figured out that exactly that was the mistake if I wouldn´t have found this webside.
What I described in one of my blog-entries - that I felt like the whore while other girls seem to be goddesses to him - makes also clear what was the crux of the matter: The whore focuses on sex, the goddess on love.
Since I began to focus on love (cuddling, caressing, not taking every single stroke as a sign to make sex) he didn´t have one of those cuddling - "relationships" and I hope this will last and the "phase" is really over.

Since he is someone with asperger´s syndrome he doesn´t have a sense for personal borders and distances between two people who barely know each other (if he likes someone he goes straight for it like a young dog and doesn´t pay attention to social rules) and this must have been one reinforcing reason he cuddled with other girls - so I kind of forgive him (what means I don´t^^). But what I can say is: he couldn´t have done worse if he slept with one of those girls. If I had the choice, he´d better go to a whore than to a professional cuddler. It´s more offending if your partner has an emotional/cuddle affair than if he has a sexual affair.

So, because of my bad experiences I would see someone like the girl in the video as a threat - even though I could imagine the world a better place if those who lack cuddling went to someone like her. What makes me sad is the thought that there must be many people like me who never have learned to nourish and cuddle other people. If most people were able to be like that everything would be easier. But social rules tell us something else. There are so many things people do instead of just hug or cuddle someone...smiling, making compliments, making gifts, touch him/her on their shoulder, shaking hands....but they barely go straight forward and say "I like you, can I hug you?" (So in some ways I even like the way my boyfriend handles this.) Yesterday I said to someone I barely knew "I like you" (I didn´t want to cuddle her) and it felt really good. :)

Yeah well...suspense-packed theme fields.^^

That's a touching story

I like this boyfriend of yours. In his own way, he knows what's important. Wink

But so do you. You courageously learn new things and test them. You are a wise women...or well on your way to becoming one.


I've done that

As a single man, after my marriage ended (10 years married to a quite unstable woman -- I stayed out of obligation -- family or origin programming), I saw a call girl for many months. We rarely had intercourse/orgasm. She held me. It was profoundly healing and nourishing and helped me begin to put myself back together after a great deal of intense verbal/emotional abuse. At the time, I felt conflicted and guilty about this relationship that contributed so much to my healing. I wish there were professional cuddlers in every city -- would probably markedly reduce all kinds of crime and relationship disharmony...

It's interesting that

It's interesting that PrivateCuddle and SnuggleHouse ( offer men or women. I wonder how the customer demographics break down. I can't see women being as large of an audience, but I could be wrong.

The barriers to entry are low. I don't see how functional it can be as a business, at least in major city. There's at least one online cuddle site as well ( There doesn't seem to be much activity.

"Forced to close in cloud of suspicion"

Fairly derisive article, but that's to be expected:

"It's a question old as time: can men snuggle without wanting more?

Authorities in Madison, Wisconsin have clearly decided the answer is no, forcing the closure of a start-up business that offered clients a snuggle service, with one hour of "non-sexual" cuddling costing $60.

The Snuggle House had a simple mission; to give rat-racers some way to feel "connected, in a disconnected, digital world." Sure, that connection was to come with a hefty price-tag, and a certain blankness behind the eyes, but hey, you take what you can get in the festive season.

An attorney for the city said it would be impossible for the Snuggle House to guard against sex assaults. "No offense to men, but I don't know any man who wants to just snuggle", she told the AP"

(It begs the question, did she ask?)

Well, after

watching a video about snuggle sales in Japan (v-e-r-y creepy), I think it might be just as well that people are encouraged to get their bonding behaviors in non-paying situations. Time will tell.

What was creepy? The fee

What was creepy? The fee structure? It seems there one is charged for every touch, which in turn is time limited. Perhaps emotional connection is more important in Japan than here. Or the Japanese aren't as open to cuddling physically with a stranger. 

It sounds like the Madison place voluntarily closed. I wonder if Madison had any legal basis to force a closure or if the guy just didn't want to bother with a battle. 

While illegal in most places, prositituaion happens. Then there is what some call legal prositituion in the form of covert contracts that occur in many relationships. Yet, when someone tries to openly sell just cuddles, government gets spooked.