The Brave Terry Crews Went on a 90-Day Sex Fast to Make His Marriage Hotter

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Here's what he and his wife survived

The average man doesn't just choose to abstain from sex for 90 days. The average man goes 90 days trying to have sex and repeatedly failing. Terry Crews is not an average man. If you look at the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor, he's approximately 99.9 percent muscle. He is in peak shape. He could have sex whenever he wanted to have sex. Yet, despite being a very strong and desirable man, he and his wife chose to hold off for 90 days.

"I found at the end of the 90 days I was more in love, more turned on. I knew who she was," Crews says. There's more cuddling, more talking, more being in love. That's really sweet, Crews. We're gonna try that, too. Only 89 days to go...

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[Note: I realize this is about abstension, not karezza, but it does show the power of bonding behaviors.]



Congratulations to Terry and

Congratulations to Terry and his wife on taking tough but worthwhile steps to improve their relationship and marriage. Heartening to see members of the 'Hollywood Crowd' going down that path.

But, I will make sure my wife does NOT watch this. I would not want to put the wrong ideas in her mind; 90 days without sex? OMG!

he's a role model.

yup! Terry is a role model. I appreciate him being so open about his life. It's very rare that we meet celebrities who are honest and open as he is. I respect him. I respect his wife even more. She has so much patience.