Can you fill out some questionnaires about couples' sex lives? Pays $60!

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-Only couples residing in USA or Canada are eligible to participate.

Please circulate the following recruitment request widely, via any channels
at your disposal: classroom announcements, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Any help
in getting word out is appreciated.

Below is 1) a tweet, and 2) text you might email or post to a FB page, and
3) attached is a poster you might add to a powerpoint presentation.

I ask that sex researchers/educators on the list not participate.

Thanks for any help,

David de Jong
Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology
University of Rochester
214 Meliora Hall
Rochester, NY 14627


Couples needed for 8 month study of couples' relationships & sex lives by
U.Rochester. $60 payment

*For Facebook or email:*


Invitation to Participate in a Study of Couples’ Relationships and Their
Sex Lives; $60 payment

Researchers at the University of Rochester are inviting couples to
participate in a study. The purpose of this study is to investigate how
characteristics of couples’ relationships are associated with different
aspects of their sex lives.

This study…

-Is voluntary and confidential.

-Follows couples over 8 months.

-Involves completing one 45-minute long questionnaire, then four 10-minute
surveys on 4 consecutive Mondays, then another four 10-minute surveys on 4
consecutive Mondays, and then a final, 30-minute survey—that’s 10 surveys
in total.

-Requires answering personal questions about your thoughts and feelings
about your romantic and sexual relationship.

-Requires both partners to participate and complete surveys.

-Pays couples $60 if all surveys are completed.

For details, please follow the link below. You will also be able to
complete a brief survey that will tell you if you and your partner are
eligible to participate.