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So far, the CBS folks in NYC, Philly and LA have dismantled (and mispronounced) the concept of karezza. Here's the LA version, which is particularly entertaining:



Oh geez

you'd think they'd do a little more research into what karezza actually is. Oh well, I suppose it's more about the entertainment factor for them.

Believe me,

I gave the original producer tons of history and background and science. Who knows what she was thinking? But at least the producers found therapists who would say positive things about the concept - at least in a superficial way. Guess I should be grateful for that.Pardon

What Did Viewers Learn From This News Segment

That CBS piece suffered the common plight of all television news; a story that takes 15-minutes to explain only gets 120-seconds at most. But what was really the most egregious to me was the unspoken part of the piece. The report said it was from Beverly Hills, but all of the shots were in Hollywood—they are two very different cities. You can see the “Walk of Fame” stars on the pavement in some shots. I visited Hollywood once, that place is weird. The first couple they interviewed both had septum rings; really did they need to find people with the nastiest piercings to ask a question. Sort of like this is a weird subject let’s ask the weirdest people we can find.

Can you imagine that German tourist when he got home? “Well Horst, other than random strangers walking up to you on the street and asking you not to cum, how was America?” I have a feeling that interview may be his favorite topic of conversation when he gets home—those crazy Americans.

Best thing to hope for is a few people who saw the piece will Google karezza and learn something about it. I think that is Darryl’s point also.

Just one more reason I don't watch TV

Just one more reason I don't watch TV. :)

What in the hell is the value of interviewing random people in Beverly Hills and then playing back the interviews that make good sound bites? If some baboon with a TV camera stopped me and asked about my sex life I would probably not respond in a positive way. Actually, I'd probably give him an interview where I basically said that TV was the root of all social problems. :)

That last couple was a hoot.


I couldn't watch the video (if I let it buffer it would bring up yet *another* commercial), but I did read the accompanying article.

This is what makes me a little crazy: "Some experts told CBS2 that while they don’t typically recommend karezza, it can serve a purpose. “I think as an option as part of your overall sexual repertoire, it can fit in really nicely,” explained Dr. Jane Greer."

REPERTOIRE. As if sex is a set list of things you do with each other (and it is for most people) and you just rotate them around to alleviate boredom. Just the sound of that word makes me feel bored, lol.

So very happy to be out of that whole realm of thinking!


in Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza
it's written...
Last year, there was a brief publicity flurry about a venerable, but little known, approach to sex called "karezza" (pronounced ka-RET-za). And this is how this news guy pronounced it (incorrectly) I understand.

is it actaully pronounced: ka REET za ? as in:


It was mispronounced on TV

despite my efforts to educate the producer who interviewed me initially. *shakes head laughing* She took out virtually everything I said, too. Clearly karezza is "off script," whereas erotica is "in."