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Yes, I missed that. The joy

Yes, I missed that. The joy of browsing on a small screen. The subReddit group seems to have a similar focus to the link I posted, e.g., https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/1u6m3m/the_basics_explained... or https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/comments/2q582c/a_comprehensive_guid...

Wiki says

The term "red pill" is frequently used by people in the men's rights movement as a metaphor for the specific moment when they come to the belief that the gender roles they are expected to conform to, are intended to benefit women, not themselves. "The Red Pill" is also the name of a related manosphere and seduction community subforum on Reddit.
-- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_pill_and_blue_pill


Hahah, nothing brave about using a throwaway account. And the thread got deleted too, waste of effort...

Managed to salvage the deleted original post from the ashes though, will post it here.

I think it's great that these

I think it's great that these ideas get spread around. I also think it takes a certain mental subtlety to reach a place where Karezza sounds like a good idea to experiment with. Just like in CPA, Marnia, you had to reach that place where you were willing to forgo the orgasms and really dive in to the idea. It's damn hard, even if we are not at all like the gentleman in the thread who enjoys dehumanizing women during sex. It takes a lot of courage to let go of our biology's survival-based programs. But man it's worth every thing we have inside of us to find that place deep within that is capable of overcoming the fear and bonding with another human being. It makes life actually worth living in the moment, and not stuck in the regrets of the past or the fears of the future.

Speaking of bonding-based material, my wife recently came across this video with two scientists, Bruce Lipton and Thomas Campbell, who discuss reality in general. Bruce Lipton wrote a book about his bonding experiences with his wife and he just looks so incredibly happy in every video I've ever seen him in.


very interesting.

this is such good discussion...I think people have the right to challenge what karezza is and maybe disagree

people really don't understand (I'm guilty of this too) understanding why we humans do what we do. words like dopamine, orgasms and human evolution and how that relates to dating marriage were very subjects that were foggy to me until I came here...

and we live in a culture that is all about instant gratification.

so - I can understand why the average guy who is angry at the status quo of todays culture can just categorize karezza as women trying to find another way to emasculate men...and get the attitude that karezza is destructive to manhood,

but life is about making choices...it's like Karezza or Not to Karezza.

so...there's nothing wrong with discussing..it. karezza should be defended and criticized too..because we can all learn something from the discussion itself...

it's all important information

Yeah I can definitely see

Yeah I can definitely see where a guy could take Karezza as a way to further emasculate the modern male. What the average guy needs though is proper information so that he can make a decision whether the emasculation fears are valid or not. We know pornography emasculates a man both physically and psychologically:

Physically - you are stripping yourself of your testosterone and its ability to act upon your androgen receptors.

Mentally - you're watching other guys have sex with attractive females, i.e. you're left out dude, sorry watch me instead

What average guys probably don't understand about Karezza is:

Physically - repairs and rebalances the brain from overstimulation and it promotes oxytocin in droves, which has a very positive effect on bodybuilding:


Mentally - you have a massive erection at will which you can bring a loving and willing partner to states of bliss unforeseen in conventional sex

Of all the modern things that emasculating to the modern male: prescription drugs like propecia, ADHD medication for young kids, etc... Karezza is decidely not one of them. If anything, I feel more masculine than I ever have before. Hopefully more guys give it a try!

The deleted original post

So, the original post of this got deleted, surprise surprise! Here it is for anyone interested:


Okay, so confession first: I'm not a redpiller. However, I think you guys have some points and I think the lot of you are probably better tuned into reality (if there is such a thing) than a lot of other folk, but in my personal opinion there's still some work to do here. For my own tastes this sub is full of stereotyping, instead of dealing with people as individuals, but at least I think the population around here is awake enough to consider some unintuitive ideas for a second.

Has anyone here ever tried karezza? I find that it transforms a sexual relationship into something else entirely and I recommend it. It's not a fetish thing, more like a spiritual way to have sex (and yeah, that sounds dumb, but whatever). It somehow gets rid of the whole dumb fucking power play dynamic that you guys are noticing a lot around here, namely that women have way more sexual capital than men in all sorts of ways. It can put two people on an equal footing in a way I haven't experienced before. Whenever I do it, it makes me feel both powerful and connected.

In case you're wondering what "karezza" means, since this sub won't let me link to the subreddit for it, here's the short version: having sex as often as possible, but without orgasm from either side. It's a bit like a meditative thing. And you do this for at least 30 minutes, but you can go up to 2 hours or as much time as you have available, really. Just don't let it get too hot.

In any case, I was just wondering how you guys stood on the issue. It's a weird idea, but maybe some of you will consider it. That or flame me into oblivion for telling all the poor men on this sub to "deprive" themselves of their "physical needs". I'm willing to roll the dice. How red is your red pill, really?

Thanks for posting this

Karezza - Love away the gender gapI'd still give this person a medal, "throwaway" or not.

Having endeavored to explain these ideas to people for 25 years, I know how challenging it is. And I have pretty much given up approaching anyone who doesn't show some interest in Larger Questions about why relationships are so challenging and frequently disharmonious.

And on Reddit? On "RedPill"?? (Although, in some ways it's a perfect fit for RedPill.)

This person is a hero in my book. Air kiss

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Thanks I guess

Hahah. Keep the medal. I can't give it to the cat to play with because I don't have one and I have no use for it.

And yeah, I honestly do think it's a perfect fit for redpill. These guy's know something's wrong. But instead of contemplative they just get angry.

How red is your red pill,

How red is your red pill, really?

Seems that sums up most breakaway groups. The red pill becomes blue. Perhaps beginners mind or something like that allows one to keeps things red or at least stay open to things being red.

I know little about how Reddit works, but it seems as with most media, the pills are filtered.

Beginner's Mind is just

Beginner's Mind is just another religious doctrine pretending to sell itself as Zen. The real masters were often very knowledgeable people.

They were very knowledgeable people that said "The mind is not the Buddha; knowledge is not the Way"

Yet lack of knowledge doesn't seem to be the way either, does it?

What is it? What is it? Hahah!