If you've never read "Taoist Secrets of Love" this is your chance

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Taoist Secrets of Love coverSomeone wickedly put up the ENTIRE BOOK. You can also view excerpts on this page.

This was my first intro to the karezza concept, although, amusingly, what it says about karezza is actually wrong on every count. :-)



I just finished reading TS of

I just finished reading TS of L; thanks for posting it, Marnia.

Male Taoists sure work hard at spiritual sex, between 'The Big Draw,' 'Testicular Breathing,' 'ten sets of nine shallow and one deep,' etc.

No doubt, there appear to be Taoist practices that speed becoming sensitive to subtle, inner energies. But, all-in-all, it sure reads like lots of outside-of-sex physical practice. It is too demanding for my tastes.

Also, I enjoyed reading 'The Majesty of Sex.'

Thanks for posting these, Marnia.

there's not many works like Mantak's

you kind of get a lot of tidbits and odd  but important tips if you are diligent. And there aren't many works like this really. With all the books about sex, only a tiny fraction of 1% are worth anything and this is one of them. All of Mantak Chia's books are worth a read, just as Richardson's books are (and of course Robinson's, LOL.)

Emerson, can you recommend,

Emerson, can you recommend, from personal experience, some specific practices from M- Chia's book that you found useful/helpful?

Also, I enjoyed reading the full NYT op-ed on happiness. Interesting tidbit:

"...In 2004, two economists looked into whether more sexual variety led to greater well-being. They looked at data from about 16,000 adult Americans who were asked confidentially how many sex partners they had had in the preceding year, and about their happiness. Across men and women alike, the data show that the optimal number of partners is one..."

Before Karezza, I would have laughed at that finding. Now, I absolutely believe it.