A karezza fan shared this poem he wrote for his wife

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cup overflowingand thought others might appreciate reading it:

    I am a cup ... (Surrender All)


I am a cup, caught up in the hand of love

and filled to over-flowing.


If you don’t believe me, look into my eyes,

or better still listen to my heart,


Watch out,

This love is not the pale and meagre type,

but can be magical and doubly intoxicating,


How so?

Firstly, find the tender poetry

  hidden in every kind of gentle kiss


And then be brave enough to surrender all

   ... to one another


After that

  ...our loving hearts will merge all by themselves.


We’re set upon the path to a secret garden.

Once there we become one

 ... with a thousand different fragrances of love. 


     Anonymous, with apologies & thanks to Rumi, the Sufi mystic