Long-distance karezza?

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Whoever tests this for long-distance karezza has to let us know how it goes! (Thanks to forum member who sent it.) Can't believe it would really give the benefits of a true bonding behavior, but tell all if you try it.

Sex toy to unite partners across cyberspace




I'm nonplused . . .

I'm nonplused . . .

That is either the greatest thing since sliced bread or the stupidest. :) I truly don't know what to think. Upon a miiisecond's worth of reflection, I suspect that it would be disappointing. While it is laudible to bring another person's movement into the picture the tactile and olfactory senses would be lacking. The sense of presence, the exchange of energy, hormones and endorphins would not be there either. It might be fun as a gag, but I doubt that it would have any serious value.