Man, 57 seeks female partner

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who likes cuddling and massage, but doesn't care about sex. He's functional, not a porn user. He just doesn't feel drawn to sex. He's flexible about relocating.

I'm posting this for a man, whom I met briefly about 15 years ago. He's a lovely guy. Bright, good conversationalist and deep thinker. I told him that there are asexuality forums, which might be a good bet.

If anyone here has suggestions for him, please let me know.


Healing touch

Healing groups that use touch like Reiki, Quantum Touch, Healing Touch and Healing Pathways might be a good way for him to meet people with similar interests or at least get some of his touch needs met. Shiatsu trainings are another way.

It depends a bit on what gender of partner he wants to meet. I'd love to find anyone who would be interested in trading sessions like the above mentioned ones without the stress of sexual charges getting stirred up. Cuddles are a little awkward around here between men because the homophobia is so strong. They're also awkward with women because possessiveness, competition and jealousy creep in quite strongly in my experience. Our gay community suffers immensely unfortunately. Islander seemed to suggest that her community is better that way.

Thanks for the lead on asexuality forums. I think I'll check them out myself! Smile

I would think

I would think he'd have *no* problem finding a perfect partner if he were to post to a match-up service with the description worded exactly the way you did above, Marnia. In that age group, I'm guessing there are plenty of women also looking for a relationship like that?

Although, as I've found through karezza, all that touching can bring sexual feelings to life in a very strong way (even for those who feel they've lost that part of them)!