Remember the documentary "Slow Sex?"

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Watch the traiiler

It used to be prohibitively expensive to obtain the full documentary due to shipping costs, but now it can be purchased and downloaded.

Purchase the full documentary (80 mins)

The price is Euro 23.80 = approximately USD $25.00





I like this...but is it Karezza, or is there some reference to that in this documentary. Just curious. Is there an actual hour long or so, documentary about Karezza anywhere to be found?

The important point

is that the practice she recommends is very similar to karezza. And karezza practitioners generally like that documentary a lot. I did.

Diana pushes her own "brand" and would never publicize "karezza." Biggrin She came from a tantra tradition, and in her earlier books and work, she used to call her recommended practice "tantra." Then, after my book came out, she moved to "slow sex" terminology, citing some of the sources I had.

At the end of the day, "it's all good."