Sex Everyday?

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Karezzanauts will enjoy this thread.



not too many participants

this isn't a popular practice, is it, lol? It goes against everything everyone has ever read or seen. Who'd have thunk people would do this? Isn't the whole point the orgasm? And how do you know when it's over? And bla bla?


I was just kiddin' witcha. It is always nice to read this, and not a bunch of naysayers attacking the idea and getting indignant. Very nice indeed.

I've heard quotations from great artists,

who while are sought after as once in a lifetime caliber of teachers, lament teaching, as it deprives the student of stumbling upon it themselves..

there is magic in stumbling upon a new idea without instructions on every 'how to' detail or a list of reasons why something is good and you should prescribe.

even at this phase where my wife and I want to make a baby (so omiting ejaculation is not an option)
just the idea that we can soak up each other joyfully as a state of mind (orgasm goal aside) is liberating and very sexy as well.

You're right

and yet this is an idea that's not easy to "stumble upon," for obvious reasons. I certainly know I wouldn't have.... I was stunned when I first read a book on Daoist lovemaking.

stumbling upon the basic premise

I would think would be easy for an imrovising poet or musician or painter or craftsperson or in fact a lover,
who feels like there is all the time in the world. Perhaps you are refering to a very specific aspect rather than a general awareness?

true, but...

most of us are not great craftsmen (or any of the fields listed :) )

Artists and craftsman share their work with others to inspire them. Some people will see beauty, others may not appreciate it as much. But in the end, the artist will usually share the thing that has touched their soul.

Most people are saddled with blinders courtesy of generations of "this is the way" thinking in the west, I don't think most people would ever stumble on this even though they could benefit from it.


nice distinction.

Probably then, those who experience lovemaking in their formative sexual years,
as unhurried and comfortable, humorous, without moral subconscious underpinnings strong media/porn imprintsare a lucky few. They would I imagine be set up to discover experientially - or if you will stumble upon
the possibilities.

(notwithstanding the so common prom night type of anxiety riddled fumblings:)

I am grateful

I am grateful for the teachers~~Marnia and Diana and so many people here on the forum~~this is something I would never have thought of on my own! And I am especially grateful for my partner who is taking the journey with me~~our romantic life might have ended by now having gone the route of the normal passion cycle if not for learning how to make love to each other properly.

It's amazing how resistant others can be to the idea, though. I just assume they aren't ready for this information yet, but perhaps it will be a little seed in their mind that will sprout at a later time.


I wouldn't have the incredibly happy marriage that I do have if not for this site. I never would have figured any of this out on my own.

People really have to be open minded and far down the road to accept the desirability of "not having orgasms."