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A guy on created a collection of historical and living figures who valued conservation of sexual energy. It ignores the benefits of relationships, and the karezza option, but some of you may still find it interesting.




What a great list! Makes great sense, that some of the leading lights in variety of fields practiced continence.

This is the sort of thing that should be taught in sex education classes.

so some of them were complete

so some of them were complete celibates, and others took time off from sex...

I find myself going between the idea of complete celibacy IF engaged almost daily in helping others directly, ie teaching yoga or something similar in a health field, maybe other fields if people are happy and giving off good energy, OR having a partner and practicing karezza...sometimes I think the highest form of 'sex' would be just lying next to someone and feeling the exchange of energy with no touch at all...eye to eye, though...there are all these stories of yogis or monks who live 2-300 years looking very young in large part because of their celibacy, and no stories I have found of couples achieving the same ages while practicing karezza or 'high sex'. does anyone have couples stories? it was interesting to read the quote from one of them that being celebate helped them stay mean, (a fighter). it would seem that having a kareza partner would create love as a result of not losing energy through orgasms, instead of creating 'mean' and 'tension'?

An Interesting List, But

Before I make further comment I think we need to clarify celibacy versus chastity. Celibate is a person who is unmarried, especially one who has taken a religious vow of chastity, such as a priest or nun. The word comes from the Latin caelibātus meaning unmarried. Chastity means the state of being chaste; purity, abstention from sexual intercourse; virginity or celibacy: a vow of chastity. The word comes from the Latin castitās meaning chaste. While the words are similar and sometimes used interchangeably, they have very different meanings. I am not certain the person who compiled the list realizes that. Sorry if I am being picky; I am a lawyer’s kid and was taught all words have meaning.

Now about the list, there are some fascinating characters on it. There are really a couple of distinct groups, mostly athletes and nerds. Since I most likely belong to both groups I think it is ok if I bag on these guys a little. The athletes are heavily weighted towards boxers. I think everyone has heard that boxers are supposed to abstain from sex before a fight, I always held that suspect, but maybe they do. But these guys are not celibate or chaste. Muhammad Ali was married 4 times and has 9 children. He was also well known for having a bunch of girlfriends while he was married. I suspect that most of the athletes on the list would fall in the same category. Mike Tyson, holy crap he did time for rape—I wouldn’t want to be on any list he is on.

Let’s look at the nerds now. Freud he thought everything looked like a penis, if he thought everything looked like a vagina maybe he would have gotten the right idea. Isaac Newton, everyone that ever took a Calculus class laughed and said it figures. Not certain if the virgin story is true but I also read he was gay. However we are extrapolating information about the guy who left London to avoid the Great Plague—that was a long time ago. Nikola Tesla, a true genius, much smarter and better educated than Edison. But why do most people know Edison and not Tesla? Because for all of his genius he was not a people person, he was really a paranoid nut that wrote all of his notes in secret code; probably not the kind of guy who could pick up chicks very well. Steve Jobs, everyone knows who he was but most don’t know much about him. He was a SOB to get along with, thrown out of his own company, but really bright as a futurist and not for his code writing ability—that was Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs at one point in his life decided that bathing was a waste of his precious time; that may explain the lack of sex altogether.

I could go on bagging on these guys but the point really is that Karezza doesn’t have much to do with either celibacy or chastity. It is about orgasm control. If you aren’t having sex, controlling orgasms is sort of a moot issue. While it is interesting to look at the people on the list and see some of their comments I don’t see attributing their actions to Karezza as we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Karezza is very much about sex, love and relationships, not about celibacy and chastity.

I always love your stuff Maso

but as I said at the outset, this list isn't about karezza. As it turns out it was just fodder for those who might be interested in colorful ragging. Smile

To me, karezza is a much more balanced way of exploring human sexuality than celibacy. It's a shame that more humans don't at least know of this option. Could save a lot extreme behaviors in both directions, while increasing wellbeing.