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which some of you may enjoy: (15 minutes)







Thanks for this video Marnia. It is encouraging. I did 90 days after reading your exceptional book back in October. I still struggle, but not as much as I used to. I think I still worry that if I don't ejaculate every once in a while it may not be good for my prostate. I know that has sort of been disproved, but it lingers and makes me wonder. For all I know I could just be using that as an excuse.

There is a big difference (which is positive) in how I feel though when I abstain compared to when I don't. Maybe one day I can go as long as the guy in this video. Best of luck to him and to all who have read your book.

That's what I experience

The brain always finds excuses. In spite of my struggles though, you know, I am learning a lot about myself because I never used to listen to my body and to what is going with me sexually. That's one positive thing Marnia's book got me involved with. I am becoming very conscious sexually (weird as that sounds). I am still available for a partner. I am around women quite a lot, and it feels like eventually something could happen to get me connected with someone. In my Zen practice we are told to keep returning to the breath. When the mind wanders, return to the breath. That's a bit how my sexuality has been. When I wander off and do the E thing, I know I just have to return to the breath, and to just keep breathing. I am seeing that over time the E thing happens a little less often. Many days can go by, and sometimes a few weeks will go by. I don't know...that's how it works with me.

Resistance works against us, so

it's best to come up with an ejaculation schedule that works for you... and then experiment from time to time with adjustments. After all, the first goal is to learn more about your sexuality. With respect to prostate cancer info, some of you may find this page interesting:

"Masturbation, Recovery and Sexual Health" (Jordan Green, SASH)

This one's more about evolutionary biology:

My comment on the video is that my goal wasn't to make celibate men! Cray 2 But I've seen a lot of men benefit from a long time out to reset their brain balance before connecting with partners. I can see the wisdom in this. I predict it won't be long until he finds a partner!


What you said about an ejaculation schedule is a great suggestion. It makes sense to me, along with experimenting with adjustments. I think I'm already doing that. Yes, for me the goal right now is to learn more about my sexuality.

Thank you for the links to that info. I will definitely look into that soon.

I agree it may not be long before the one in that video finds a partner. I am personally hoping I won't find one too soon, or at least until I've had some time to do a good reset (again).