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Husband: “Kindly instruct me as to how many times a man may have copulation with his wife.”

Socrates: “Only once in his life.”

Husband: “But if that fails to satisfy him?”

Socrates: “Then he can have copulation once a year.”

Husband: “But if that too doesn’t satisfy him?”

Socrates: “Then let it be once a month.”

Husband: “And if he is still not satisfied?”

Socrates: “Then let it be twice a month, but this will cause an early death.”

Husband: “What should he do if he is not satisfied with that either?”

Socrates: “Well then, do it this way. Dig a grave, purchase a coffin and a shroud for yourself beforehand, then you may spoil yourself as many times as you wish. This is my final advice to you.”


Sounds like Socrates wasn't up to speed on karezza.