Young guy explains how karezza can help with rebooting

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So is it not possible to masturate during the reboot phase? I have reached about two or three days and instead of fully relapsing to PMO I just MO. And I can feel some sort of change in my brain. I can get my work done but I feel out of wack. I've been reading on YBOP that masturbation isn't the issue and that porn is. Doesn't your body eventually find a normal and healthy amount of masturbation during or after your reboot? Seems like after a while the body should balance out once the porn is gone, and you can masturbate at will or whenever you truly feel like it.

masturbation is a big issue

during reboot I'd avoid it completely. It seems to work a lot better if you don't. 

And after reboot, honestly it can hurt your progress even then. 

What makes it easy not to masturbate is frequent contact with a sex partner, including a lot of snuggling and non-orgasmic intercourse. That makes it easy.

I stopped lifelong masturbation without any issue and I couldn't have done it without that crucial ingredient. IT's been 4 years now and I'm so much better off. Never missed it either. Weird, I marvel at that all the time.


Yeah every time I masturbate without P I feel weird and then I get inclined to masturbate to P. I think you're right I should try and not focus so much on masturbation and more on actual physical contact. Thanks for the advice!