Young woman apparently doing karezza

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We found it

As you may know, we collect recovery accounts and YOUTube linked this with more typical ones about guys who gave up porn. It's great to see the improvements they report.

Well Dayam

Dick Lizard showed up for that one! Good thing I'm solid in my recovery. Molly Lux projects a sexy image while taking on a serious subject.

How I Got In Trouble for Watching Something on Your Site

Marnia I honestly wasn’t going to comment on this woman’s attire until you did, but my girlfriend had commented on it when she saw I was watching the video. I thought she was overreacting, but because you said something about it also maybe she had a point.

My girlfriend asked, “What color eyes did she have?”

Joking I answered, “Eh…does she have eyes, I didn’t notice.”

“No, but I bet you noticed what size breasts she has!” Obviously I was the only one in our household who was joking about it.

After that she asked who the “Ho Muffin” was. She followed with a couple of comments about acting and dressing like a skank with her boobs about ready to fall out.

My girlfriend is anything but a prude and I couldn’t believe she was actually upset by the way this girl was dressed. I asked her about some of clothing that she has, especially her “wear only after fully waxing” bathing suits. Her response was, “I don’t wear them on YouTube while telling guys not to jerk off.” She felt like you did in your comment about the “uniform”, that it was perpetuating an undesirable stereotype about 20 something and younger women. So you are not the only woman who felt the attire was somewhat inappropriate for the circumstance, even a mid 20’s woman agrees.

Ok, I will admit I enjoyed watching the girl’s boobs on the video. Normally my girlfriend doesn’t get that upset with stuff like this, she is pretty chill. She said it makes it hard for women to be taken seriously when another acts and dresses like that. She thought the girl’s message was totally lost because of the delivery. Some of the Women’s Studies classes must have stuck with her. Hope I don’t sound too pussy whipped.

This is not an easy subject

Nudity can be beautiful and inspiring, and yet overly suggestive clothing can make a very different statement.

My guess is that ths woman has reasons that seem solid to her, and that she was not trying to undercut her message.

Her Solid Reason for Dressing that Way, May Be My Fault

Marnia you said, “My guess is that this woman has reasons that seem solid to her, and that she was not trying to undercut her message.” I totally agree with you, I think she has one really good reason for dressing and giving the delivery in the manner that she did. She receives positive reinforcement from men when she acts and dresses the way she did in the video. She is hot in a Barbie Girl sort of way; I would totally hit on her if I met her somewhere—not that I would ever cheat on my girlfriend—just kind of goofing on the girl a little. Men are very visual; Aphrodites Chela mentioned her nipples getting hard. Freedom is in there mentioning it is the camera angle making her boobs look bigger. We notice that sort of stuff, which turns us on and then we act positively toward the girl. Or as my girlfriend would say we act like total idiots.

I don’t say that these are bad things for either sex; it is simply what has kept the human race expanding since we climbed out of our primordial ooze. Maybe the question should be, does Karezza change the way these interactions are carried out? I don’t know but I don’t think it does. We all commented on her attire. We dudes all enjoyed it, none of us were triggered, and no one was cheated on. So why was my girlfriend a little pissed at the girl? It is not that she broke some chick code by dressing that way, a lot of women dress that way—including my girlfriend at times. My girlfriend’s point was more about someone having more self awareness of how they project themselves. And I think she was just more than a little bit jealous that I was enjoying watching the blonde girl.

None of this was intended to shame or disrespect anyone. These are probably more idle musings about how those of us with penises look at those of you with breasts than any profound statement of life’s philosophy. So there you have it I have stated the obvious, men like hot chicks.

Sure it's not the camera

Sure it's not the camera angle? With this angle, her breasts are more prominently featured in the frame and her eye color hard to see, at least on my phone. I'm not triggered, but it's a less common angle.

Isn't that too shaming for women to say this or that dress hurts a woman's message? It might be reality now, but things could change.

Listening to women

is not pussy whipped.
Molly's eyes are grey and at one point her nipples got hard....yikes! Distracting as her attributes are, I found her manner of speech to have more of an impact on my ability to take her seriously. BUT she's talking about sex without the goal of orgasm! and that is so awesome and I am so grateful for the expanding forum.

As a feminist

I have to stick up for this lady. I don't think there is anything wrong with her attire (a not particularly low necked vest top) and the shame is that we all (myself included) are trained to judge women first and foremost on their appearance, when she is obviously sharing a very valuable message. Also what is wrong with the way she speaks Aphrodites? I think she has a pleasing tone to her voice.

Not to overide my point, but by the way, I think she has had breast implant surgery from the way her breasts sit, so maybe this is why she prefers to go braless. Also I don't think her nipples become erect, they just show more as she shifts position. I've noticed a lot of women who have had 'boob jobs' tend to wear revealing clothes post surgery, because they've spent a lot of money and effort on what they feel is 'improving' that part of their body, they want to show it off. Personally I think it's deeply sad that women feel the need to mutilate themselves or present constantly in a conventionally 'sexy' way, but I never place blame or judgement on individual women for conforming to these dictates, since we are aggressively programmed by the patriarchy from the earliest age that our main or even sole value comes from how we look., and virtually no modern day female is free from suffering some form of detrimental effects of this.


I had to re-examine why I made that comment. I watched the video again to see what was up....with me. I don't watch much U-Tube. I do watch Television. What I see on TV when someone is presenting a point is that they don't move much. They certainly don't move their spine, nor do they gesture with their hands very much. Their gaze is steady. I'm sure they have been coached to be like that. Molly looks up to the left a lot and I think she is trying to gather her thoughts rather than being solid in her presentation.
What I see on the screen (TV or computer) has been conditioned by years of me watching the stuff. Children move a lot, but serious adults are still. So I saw Ms Lux as giving a juvenile presentation. Thank you for getting me to look with different eyes. On the second viewing it was refreshing to see a presenter move and be freer with her gestures. Damn! the power of the patriarchy persists.
Your sharing is a blessing to us all