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♥Mystical Union

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embraceby L. Kevin Johnson

Lying in stillness only for a time,
My lover entwined with me,
like roots of a single tree
held close and bound to the earth.

On the bed in our quiet room,
I breathe easily and softly,
gazing into the peace of her eyes.

I begin to float away
caught like a feather in the wind.
Soaring higher - upward and out
where light fades and darkened stillness
arises from the primal void.

I soar around the galaxy,
Past worlds and cosmic dust toward the central sun

♥Diana Richardson DVD

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Diana sent me a DVD of her giving an hour-long lecture. It's called "Diana Richardson: Making Love." I thought maybe it could get more exposure if a few of us watch it.

If you would like to see Diana in action, and are willing to share your address with me via private message, I will mail it off to one of you, with a list of addresses, on the understanding that you will remove your name from the list and send it to the next person after you have watched it. The list will NOT include forum user names, so your privacy should still be protected.

The Great Porn Experiment

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The Evolutionary ReviewAbout a year ago I was asked to write an article for an academic journal called The Evolutionary Review. It has finally been published. I couldn't get a proper PDF of it, so here's the galley proof for those of you who would like to read it:

The Great Porn Experiment

"The collision of widespread internet porn use with man’s ancient mammalian brain constitutes one of the fastest-moving, most global experiments ever unconsciously conducted...."

WEIRD Masturbation Habits

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solo sexThis is the exciting sequel to Masturbation, Fantasy and Captivity. That post began with Leonard Shlain MD's observation that no animals masturbate with the intensity and ejaculation frequency of human males, and concluded with historical support for the suggestion that today's habits might be function of our modern lifestyles rather than innate human behavior.

Tantric Sex for Men

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Gary and I really admire Tantric Sex for Men by Diana and Michael Richardson. It's a great companion to Cupid's Poisoned Arrow. The terminology is not remotely scientific, but if you're trying to master effortless lovemaking, such as karezza, it is an excellent resource, and full of practical suggestions. As Gary said,

It explores and describes a whole different way of making love. The stillness. No efforting. Simply allowing erections to rise and fall. Allowing the energy to move us. It's really about getting our fulfillment from something deeper.