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Technology and Its Effect on Your Relationship

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My girlfriend has a subscription to "Psychology Today" magazine, appropriate for a therapist. Even before we lived together I would look at her copy of the magazine and read an article here or there—really annoys her when I start reading it before she gets a chance to. I have suggested that maybe she needs therapy to work on that annoyance. She suggested that maybe I needed to be less of a smartass.

Comments on Our Pretty Normal Relationship

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These last several months have been really busy for my girlfriend and me; crashing down to the end of another school year. I haven’t posted on anything in awhile but have a little time and thought I would post on a few relationship issues for us. When I started this I hadn’t intended it to become an epic, but I started and stopped to do other things, so it sort of grew. Plus you get my analysis on college basketball.

Sexually Repressed Colleges

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My girlfriend was doing research online and found an unrelated but interesting post on College Magazine’s site. It lists “The Top 10 Most Sexually Repressed Colleges” in the United States. Fortunately I think most people visiting the Reuniting site have a healthier and more realistic viewpoint on sex than these college administrations apparently do. In a recent post Marnia said, “To me, Karezza is a much more balanced way of exploring human sexuality than celibacy. It's a shame that more humans don't at least know of this option.” I certainly agree.

An Update on Our Relationship and Karezza Journey

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I guess it is about time I post something on my girlfriend and my relationship; it is been about a year since I mentioned it. We are not narcissistic enough to think that our relationship is that important to other people, we aren’t Kim and Kanye—two people I am tired of hearing about—but I believe reading about people’s relationships on the site gives us each a perspective on our own journey.

Blog Update

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Have not posted anything to my blog in sometime, figure it’s time for an update. This school year has been really busy for both of us; for me mostly classes with labs and my summer internship turned into a part time job. I usually only get between 8 and 10 hours a week at work, could put in more if I had the time. Finals are over as of today so the next 2 weeks before Christmas are full work days for me. I have a backlog at work and I can use the cash—Christmas presents for a certain girlfriend.

Dribblings from My Little Head

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I discussed this with my girlfriend and she just shook her head, laughed and said “What is it with guys and their poop that they like to talk about it. And why is it that when a guy takes ‘a dump’ it is always ‘epic’ in some way.” So I apologize in advance about the “poop” portion and any grossness of this question/discussion.

Who Is More into Karezza, Men or Women?

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In the last 5 or 6 months that I have followed this site I noticed that the topics for posts tend to go in bunches. Because of the “bunch effect” my perception may be skewed—that is partially why I am asking the following question.

In my observation it seems that the guys in a relationship are more on board with Karezza and withholding orgasms than the women are. This isn’t always the case obviously but it just seems that more men say their female partners are still orgasmic.

Update on This Summer

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It seems strange that the summer is almost over; my internship will be over and it’s back to classes. I will miss the internship, the money was nice but even more I really liked the job. I think I learned more in a couple months there than most of my classes. But probably worst of all is my girlfriend moves out. It’s not like she is moving very far, just halfway across campus back to her old dorm. But I will miss waking up with her in bed on a regular basis.

Our First Weekend of the Move In

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Wow, we thought we were busy during school. I love my internship but work really screws up you schedule. I started to write this blog entry on how the move in went and our Karezza experiences. I started this, got interrupted, etc. thought maybe should post it before any more time goes by. Most of this is about our moving in together. We are still enjoying it. It is different than we thought—at least for me it is. Wonder what other people thought when they first moved in together.