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Have not posted anything to my blog in sometime, figure it’s time for an update. This school year has been really busy for both of us; for me mostly classes with labs and my summer internship turned into a part time job. I usually only get between 8 and 10 hours a week at work, could put in more if I had the time. Finals are over as of today so the next 2 weeks before Christmas are full work days for me. I have a backlog at work and I can use the cash—Christmas presents for a certain girlfriend.

My girlfriend joined the Peer Counseling Program at the university. It is part of student services and is under the direction of the psychology department. They had training classes for the counselors and a weekend retreat for role playing and stuff. That is actually what my girlfriend told me when I asked her what they did all weekend, “role playing and stuff”—guess those are technical psychological terms. Most of people the she worked with are freshmen having a hard time settling into college life—mostly studying, partying nearly everybody gets without much help. She said this will look really good on her grad school application—let’s hope. She is also a grader for a couple of her professors—her job this year. She has a stack of essay questions on the final for a couple of lower division non-psyc major classes. They are lecture hall classes so probably a total 150 to 200 tests to grade—all by Wednesday. If that isn’t enough she still has her regular course load.

We are still working on Karezza, when we have time—as you can tell from the beginning of this we don’t have much time. My roommate was done yesterday so he left for home this morning. My girlfriend is over here at my room until we drive back home the Saturday before Christmas. I asked her if she wanted me to take her home next weekend and I would come back here to work. She said no, she had Christmas shopping and maybe we could make up for the missed opportunities—I think that means I am getting lucky. Nice thing about Karezza, when we do have some time to be together it really helps ease the pressure of our schedules.

I was just asked if I was going to move the beds together or did I plan on sleeping alone—I can take a hint, that wasn’t a question it was an order. I’ll try to give an update on how things are going. My girlfriend has been a little apprehensive about moving off campus and in together, maybe Christmas break together will calm her nerves.



Ha ha!

Her "clients" are lucky to have her.

So you guys are set to live together next term, eh? How exciting!

Glad exams are over. It's kinda fun to have extra time at university when the herds are gone. I trust that you did indeed get lucky. Smart move putting the beds together. Smart girlfriend for giving the order. Wink