Technology and Its Effect on Your Relationship

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My girlfriend has a subscription to "Psychology Today" magazine, appropriate for a therapist. Even before we lived together I would look at her copy of the magazine and read an article here or there—really annoys her when I start reading it before she gets a chance to. I have suggested that maybe she needs therapy to work on that annoyance. She suggested that maybe I needed to be less of a smartass.

Even though psychology is her field not mine, I enjoy some of the articles. The feature article of August 2016 edition is about technology in relationships. It is titled "Love Interruptus" by Hara Estroff Marano. The cover shows Ménage a Trois, Is Tech Sabotaging Your Love Life? It is along the lines of Emerson’s suggestion on the movie "Men, Women and Children". The article talks about “Absent Presence” where having a Smartphone in the room can distract a couple’s interactions. The area where some of you may disagree is there discussion of Porn, its effect on the relationship and why.

Another article of interest in that edition is "The Perils of Sowing Your Wild Oats". Theme is do too many relationships lead to difficulty in the future establishing a long term lifelong one.