Update on This Summer

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It seems strange that the summer is almost over; my internship will be over and it’s back to classes. I will miss the internship, the money was nice but even more I really liked the job. I think I learned more in a couple months there than most of my classes. But probably worst of all is my girlfriend moves out. It’s not like she is moving very far, just halfway across campus back to her old dorm. But I will miss waking up with her in bed on a regular basis. I really need to stop thinking about it, sometimes when I do I feel this impending doom—we still have some time and we both want to enjoy it.

Summer went really fast this year; the last school year ended late and we are starting a little earlier this year. Because of our jobs we really didn’t have much time off or get to see our families much. The good thing is we had time together and had time to work at Karezza. It is much easier when you sleep with someone every night to work on a relationship especially if it is a Karezza relationship.

Fortunately, with a few exceptions, we didn’t drive each other too crazy living together. I think we are ready to make it a permanent thing next year. I did learn when my girlfriend is bitching me out about something not to ask if the problem is that she is getting her period, it just makes things worse. Assume that is the problem and keep your mouth shut. I learned other stuff about living with a girl, but that one was the most important.

Some funny stuff this summer; my girlfriend complained about her job as a Cheerleading Camp Counselor, hours were long and the pay was low. Her feet and back hurt from running around all day. She was out in the hot sun all day and for the first time ever she got darker than I did working in an office. From all the complaining about it I assumed she would be happy to be done. But as soon as the last group left she told me she was looking forward to doing it next year. I looked at her like she was crazy. She said it was even more fun as a counselor than when she attended the camps when she was in high school. I add this to the list of many things men do not understand about women.

We had a few Karrezza issues and questions this summer that I will post on soon—or as soon as I get a chance. Got to post this and get to a party—I know its Tuesday sort of a weird day for a party, but it is still summer and it is still a college campus.




You are one funny dude. So glad you two are enjoying your time together. If it makes you feel any better, you guys seem a bit odd to us too sometimes. Blum 3