Some rebalancing effects I notice

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I find myself drawn back into this world again recently. I am committed relationship of about 8 months. I entered into the relationship with a good foundational awareness of how orgasm affects me psychologically and physically, and stayed orgasm free for a few months. But my partner seemed determine to make me come and he eventually succeeded! Now I am in about a once-a-week rhythm of orgasm, sometimes up to 10 days. It's not quite working for me!

It's interesting that different people have different symptoms. I'm realizing this path has a lot of flexibility and it's not an all-or-nothing kind of thing. I am feeling like I want to reconnect with this community and start contributing more, and to keep myself accountable! I don't otherwise have a karezza-buddy.

My symptoms include:

1. Foggy brain
2. Low energy
3. Social paranoia/withdrawal (I don't feel like seeing anyone at all!)
4. I get into touching my partner in an ungenerous way

I've given my partner a copy of Cupid's Poison Arrow. It's interesting for him because it sounds like his previous partner was really hooked on orgasms and demanded a lot of them, and he felt like he could never give her enough! Because of this he is very generous and attentive and ready to provide all the touch I would want. I just need to be more open and explicit with him about wanting to stay orgasm-free, so he can support me in moments of temptation. I'm sure he will be willing to do this.

Wonderfully we both really love to cuddle and kiss and have a really generous, affectionate physical relationship. I think the stage is set to create a more balanced sexual relationship, it's just a matter of me making the commitment.


All experiments

are informative.

And, yes, it can be tough to tell someone you love that you really mean it when you want to skip orgasm. Fortunately for me, my husband has seen me with and without orgasm...and he prefers the orgasm-free me. Smile However, it helped that the relationship he had right before me, while he was reading an early draft of my book, also really showed him how "great orgasms for women" sometimes brought out the worst in them.

So he was primed for the lesson. Mamba

Hope the book does its job. Let us know how it goes. He sounds like a natural. If he has questions: "Karezza Korner"