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Hey all,

I first visited this site 3 years ago after devouring Marnia's excellent book.

Over that time, I've had a long journey of exploration through relationships, solo practice, Tantra, and a host of other learning experiences. About three months ago, I ran across the Reddit forum /nofap/, which is a group of nearly 40,000 guys who are healing themselves from their porn / masturbation / orgasm addictions (PMO).

These guys are incredibly determined and courageous, many of them engaging in re-wiring their brains in a way just as significant as what someone recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction goes through. But they had very limited resources. I didn't see any sort of "jump-start" or "primer" that would guide them through their first couple weeks.

So, having a background in Coaching and writing, I decided to create one. I released it this week, and it has been downloaded over 800 times in the first 3 days. The early reviews are positive (some of which below) and I'm hopeful that it will continue to help guys more and more as time goes on.

Here is the link:

I'd love any and all feedback on the product, what would make it better, or other suggestions.
Thanks for reading!
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