The Legacy of Lynch - Day 11 (Homeostasis and Thundercats ;O)

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This is Mraxis, making a quick blog of the unpredictable week 2.

Wow, Day 7 was trial by fire, people have told me if you can make it past that 'day of days', then the hard part is already over lol.

I was horny as hell, and literally anything that passed by me with a pair of thighs, a butt, and breasts got me foaming at the mouth ;P This was awesome because I'm learning how to redirect that energy towards being productive, efficient, and energetic!

Now that that's over, I'm definitely feeling my body in a confused state over this sudden adaptation. Consciously, however, I'm actually resolute with this, and am taking every 'sudden' impulse with a grain of salt; smiling away knowing that this is all part of my 'resurrection'- so to speak. Some things I've experienced so far would be occasional mood swings, I'll feel very at peace and then all of a sudden I might feel my brows furrow, and my back tense up a bit. Just a random impulse of aggression, and a tad bit of frustration. It only lasts for a bit, then just slips out of my mind like nothing there to begin with.

I've concluded that this MUST be my bodies natural procedure of flushing out whatever is inside- physiologically and psychologically. My morning 'thundercats' (as I like to call them :D) are appearing some mornings and other times not at all. That's fine, because again I feel this is just apart of that process of getting over PMO.

What I have noticed when I do have a thundercat however is HOW much potential mine actually has! I feel that, at the moment, my thundercat has around a 25% pump. Now when I say percentage/pump, I'm talking about how 'hard/sensitive' it feels (Not it's actual erect state). Though when I look at it, it feels like it's gotten thicker, hell even longer which make me feel like a caveman >:) My Testes are no exception either I might add! I feel like they're hanging very low and proud. They're growing and getting hotter all the time, which makes me feel self assured when I can feel them all the time now. Screw porn, and fapping, it's literally the fall of man. I honestly believe that now.

But here's the interesting part. I see ALL of this potential, yet I STILL feel a numb feeling. Almost as if me and my thundercat are DISCONNECTED, as if we have no real intangible link. That surreal vibe a man should have with his thundercat, where he has REAL control, command and dominance over it. It certainly has a mind of it's own though! And I can easily see that, yet I feel as if there's some distortion that's keeping OUR potential connection 'under lock and key'. Which is the intriguing part, because I'm beginning to fill this numb feeling go away. My theory is this- The more it diminishes, the more sensitive it will get, and my connection will be reestablished which will feel incredible. Then I think I will be taking my first real steps towards wherever it is I'm going :D

What do you guys think of the weird week 2? I feel like I just made it past the storm, and am now in the odd currents out at sea. The currents are unpredictable, but the horizon is dead ahead and I feel like Im gonna get there one way or the other!

Come Hell or High Water. >: )