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Wow... It's been a year since I've posted and two years since the beginning of this process. I'm starting the new year at 7 weeks porn free. I reached the 6 week point two or three times earlier in the year and it's been amazing. I've become a joyful, outgoing dude thanks to my efforts and the knowledge of Marnia and Gary's research.

The most helpful thing to me has been a weekly chart, a 6x7 grid labeled on the side with activities I've found to give me the most happiness and resilience. I sometimes modify it, but this week it reads-


I try to check off everything everyday and at the end of the week I'll give myself a percentage, which usually comes out between %50 and %80.

I've had a tumultuous relationship over the past year as I've gone through all the ups and downs, being so in love and losing all attraction. My goal is to give up orgasmic sex in 2013 and she supports me having seen the effect it has on me after long periods without it.