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Here's my new method...

I've eliminated porn, pot, alcohol, cigarettes, sex (temporarily), masturbation, and sugar

And I'm making a daily effort to meditate twice for 20 minutes each, take supplements (fish oil, a multivitamin, and vitamin d), exercise (yoga, running, or crossfit), get at least 15 minutes of sunshine, do something kind for someone, socialize in a meaningful way (tell stories, share something exciting or upsetting), share my gifts in some way (acting, music, humor), floss, and journal (positive events and gratitude). My success rate in doing all of these everyday was 70% (49/70) for the first week.

My life has gone from an easy coasting to a steep upward climb. I've had bad dreams, headaches, fatigue, sickness, depression, haven't been able to get out of bed til 12 or 1 and have usually napped for an hour or 2. I've lost my enthusiasm and belief in acting and music, but hopefully they return as my chemicals start to balance out. Despite this, I've been more social, flirty, and energized when I do find myself around people.

This last Thursday (Day 5) affirmed the value of my efforts as I was inspired to go to crossfit AND yoga before my acting class where I was very flirty with a long term crush (the teacher, who's 65, no matter!), I started a food journal (counting calories to gain weight), was offered a possible and very exciting volunteer job, received an amazing text of appreciation from a past lover, was able to ask a friend for emotional support, was sought out for a part in a play, and finished reading Seth Speaks and started The Art of Loving.

Days like that remind me why I'm doing this.

So here again, compiled from many articles, TED talks, and personal experiences is my strategy for combating depression and feeling engaged, energetic, and happy...

Abstain from-

Porn and other stimulating materials
Negative Gossip
Negative People (very important)

Implement on a daily basis-

Meditation (20 min x 2, best around 8am and 5pm, shows physical brain changes in ~6 weeks)
Fish oil and Vitamin D (3000 mg and 4000-5000 IU's respectively, show improvements in mood in 6-8 weeks)
Sunlight (15-20 minutes a day on at least 40% of your body)
Exercise (vigorous and aerobic at least 30 min 3 times a week )
Acts of Kindness
Socializing (with positive people)
Sharing of talents, gifts
Flossing (just for the hell of it) and
Journaling (focused on positive events and gratitude, rewires brain toward positivity in 3 weeks)

Here are some of my sources...


Will keep you updated,


Woop woop!

Thanks Marnia, it's so cool to be able to interact with you on here, you're turned me into a bit of a brain geek over the past 2 1/2 years and may have even introduced me to TED which has become one of my favorite distractions. It just so happens that the aforementioned volunteer gig is at a place called The Mind Research Network, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mind_Research_Network which I'm very excited about. It's one of those synchronistic happenings that just fell into my lap after I refocused my goals and if it works out, I have you to thank in part.


Sounds very cool

Looking forward to your thoughts on the place when you visit.

Glad you've enjoyed your visits here. I certainly am enriched by all the things you guys teach me.


Day 11

I've been ill the last 4 days, in a similar fashion to other reboots, with a sore throat turning into a head cold then a chest cold, all accompanied by extreme tiredness. Finally got back to the gym today. Headaches (pre-sickness) are mostly gone (they're SO week one), general happiness and ability to turn off negative thoughts are pretty consistent, I'm mostly just dealing with horniness, occasional rapid heart beat, mild insomnia, fatigue, and procrastination.

My positive journaling is really paying off, as I'm recalling more and more awesome things that are happening and realizing the power of choosing what to focus on. Negative thinking is an addiction in itself and requires a concerted effort to correct.

It's good to be in the double digits again.

Also, a young lady asked me out to tea and a yoga teacher flashed me a few big smiles. And my conversations of late have had more depth and connection to them. I'm finding more joy and sensitivity and synchronicity all the time. Through deliberate effort, mind you, but it still seems magical when changes start to take place.

Day 12 - Fucked up

I just get too freaking horny without releasing now and then. If I had masturbated a few days ago I don't think I would have gone into the fantasy > facebook > bikini pics > naked pics > youporn escalation that I did over last night and this morning. Think I'll just stick to M once a week and maybe check out SAA tomorrow.

Day 17

17 days in, one porn relapse, 2 MO relapses. I've been involved with a girl non-exclusively and with lots of ups and downs for over year. I've decided to not have sex for 8 weeks or so, we've cuddled twice during this particular reboot which escalated to oral sex both times and left me so horny and fantasizing that I MO'd each time within a day or so. Thinking we'll cut back to clothed cuddling.

I've been to 3 SAA meetings. There's a lot of camaraderie and openness which is nice, but people have a sense of brokenness and like to talk about how much they need the program. I prefer the attitude of this site which is to "reboot" and go on about your life. It's useful though, I think, and I plan to keep going.

I've made myself up a weekly form with half hour increments from 6am to 10pm (should make it 12am) and I've been keeping track of exactly how I spend my time even down to the quarter hour by splitting lines with a slash. It's amazing how productive I've gotten just by the fact that I'm holding myself accountable. As soon as I finish something I'm off to something else and if I can't think of something I'll do an extra meditation just because it feels good to write that I did.

Fantasy has become a greater challenge as I'm becoming more sensitive, but meditation is helping with the ability to turn it off.


Thanks for checking in

The camaraderie of the group is good, as you say. "Take what you can use and leave the rest," as the saying goes. Smile

Glad you have some female companionship.Yeah, getting all hot and bothered is a good way to get stuck in overdrive for a bit. All important experiences.

Here's a nifty graph I made

It shows my average days without orgasm starting with my last binge (twice a day for a week) and then going into 26 (and counting) days of attempted abstinence. I divided the number of days in starting with Day -6 by the total number of orgasms. I was inspired to do this to see that I was making progress in decreasing my frequency despite M'ing twice on day 24. I think it was helpful in giving me the extra bit of resolve I needed to get through yesterday.

Hopefully the link works, I cut off the first 3 days just to make the grid line up nicely


The moral here is to stay strong after you relapse and not go into binge mode because you "fucked up." Save your precious progress and compare yourself to where you've come from, not an ideal of perfect abstinence.

I love data.


Oh Man!

Bummer, I tried to clear it up a little. Everything is listed cumulatively, orgasms as negative numbers, over 5 weeks. I last had orgasmic sex on Wednesday and I MO'd on four days, the last of which was day 24. Make sense now?