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made it to day 7 last night, then did something stupid.

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The past week has been terrible for the most part. I have been depressed, lonely and axious. I made it all the way to day 7, had a pretty good day. It wasn't great, but I went out to the beach and got to actually socialize with people. I felt proud of myself for trying, even though at times I still felt awkward (I didn't used to have this problem to this extent.) Me and my buddy decided to smoke some herb and have a beer or two because he is moving across the country soon and it was the last time I'd see him.

day 2: lonely, depressed, blah...

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Well so far i've only had to deal with a few instances of fantasy, but it wasn't too hard to brush off. I haven't been tempted to look at porn yet, which I'm happy about. The thing is, I haven't left my house or hung with friends or anything all weekend and even today. I don't know what the deal is. I feel so lonely, but at the same time I feel terrified of being around a group of people (especially one with females) right now. I didn't always have this problem. I have to keep reassuring myself that this will pass, and that I'm not a pathetic loser.