YOCD and other awful sh*t

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My worst OCD yet! Ever. I swore it would never ever happen! My mind is telling me I'm rooting for the Yankees. I have Yankee-fan-OCD! OMG, I'll never root for the Mets again. My life is over! Somebody, please tell me I'm still a Mets fan! Can someone really turn from a born and bred Queens native Mets fan for his entire 27 years into that! A YANKEE FAN!!! Is this God's punishment for moving to New Jersey? Please, someone answer me and tell me that I'll be alright, though I know I shouldn't be asking for reassurance. I'd rather turn gay or have ROCD than be a Yankee fan!

I know that there are people who are Yankee fans, and I have nothing against them. That's the way they are. But me? Now? A Yankee fan? Dude, this just isn't funny! Since I was five all I ever thought about was the Mets. I loved all the players, regardless of how bad they were. Now it's all coming to an end. Someone, please tell me this is YOCD! Please help.


P.S. I also want to say that I have a problem edging to baseball. I root for the game to go into as many innings as possible because I don't want to go to sleep, work, whatever. So I keep going and going and going until my day fades away. Same exact thing as it is with porn and basketball overtimes. I can't tell you how many neural pathways I'm making numb with balls, bats, stadiums, etc. And I'm going into weird and kinky shit like Yankees and soon to be Giants in football, and OH GOD, the ISLANDERS!! OMG, dude, I'll need to do a sports reboot and come back to the teams I grew up loving. It will be really hard to do, because there are sports year round, and to take 90 days will cause severe withdrawal. I guess I'm addicted for life. Lost cause now.