Day 83

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If u read my post from yesterday you would see that I was in a bad place. was Feeling depressed and lonely. Had a wetdream last night. Woke up after it happend and just felt like hell. However, I woke up a few hours later and all of a sudden feel pretty good. Idk what's going on in mybrain at all; since I had a single short minor pmo session on the weeeknd, I know my body did not have to release. IMO is I was going through a second flatline last week and at themoment it looks like the wetdream ended it. Before the wetdream, I had very little libido last week. Today I feel slightly drained, but horny and good too.

The past 2 weeks have been very up and down after some short lived stability. I'll probably be posting a lot to moniter my own prgress. This rebooting stuff never stops surprising me. When I finally think I got it all figured out it throws me a curveball.