Week 10

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Feeling pretty great recently. It's true that after a lot of ups and downs things start to level out ( I hope I'm not talking to soon). I still have short segments in the day where I feel socially anxious, but this lasts for just minutes. As I said in my last post, interactions in general are becoming effortless. Sense of humor is really returning. Interactions with girls have been fine too. I haven't really had that panic attack feeling when one makes eye contact or talks to me. I'm definitely not completely cured yet but I'm seeing some real results. I feel this is just the beginning so I'm very optimistic about the future. Another plus is my creativity is returning and small things don't bother me anymore. In general, life doesn't seem sad and depressing anymore. When I see some kids I know who are always angry and pissed at the world it really shows how much I have changed.

Wet dreams I have found really set me back for 1.5-2 weeks. It might have lasted this long because I had 3 in a short period, regardless, things were very shaky for about 10 days. After a while I felt a lot better so I feel it's just a hangover.

Also I didn't start to feel like this till around the 9 week mark so it shows that it will take longer for some to feel anny results.


really encouraging

I've noticed as well it takes quite a while before the effects start manifest themselves. Sometimes I don't notice them until I'm forced in a situation and handle it like a pro. I am worried about my creativity though, it seems its been replaced with laser beam focus which sometimes is antithetic to it. How has the return of your creativity manifested, more ideas or more motivation and follow through?

Hope you continue to see improvements in your progress.

p.s Has is been 10 weeks complete PMO abstinence? or some M or coital O in there as well?

It's been 10 weeks with no pm

It's been 10 weeks with no pm and just o from wetdreams. M just really isn't fun without porn or extreme fantasy which I am avoiding. I also enjoy havin all the built up sexual energy. I do my absolute best to not fantasiZe either.

The creativity one is tricky...I play a sport which I am pretty good at. In the past few years I noticed my style became very mechanical and straightforward. This is a sharp contrast to my younger beginning to pmo years where I had a very unorthodox style that was unpredictable and harder to defend. The other day when I was playing, I felt like I was seeing those angles and lanes that I had not seen in years. I was back! This might be something that you cannot relate to but for me it was a pleasant surprise and something that I am sure is a product of no pmo. Honestly I probably would not have noticed it without my younger days to compare to, so there's a chance that your creativity has or will get better without you being to aware. It's a very subtle, yet effective, shift. Also I would definitely say that I have much more motivation to follow through as you put it. The creativity also shows up in things like conversation and humor.