Day PB

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So I've beaten my old record of 11 days and here I am at 12 days, whoop whoop!

I have been having some sleeping issues these past few days, I never used to wake up in the night but I have been waking every few hours or so the past few nights, then waking up really early. Maybe this 'life force' is reducing my sleep requirements? I'm feeling more awake on less sleep. I used to be one of those "9 hours a day or I'm dead" kind of people, now I'm feeling great on 6!

Not much else to report. I've got a social weekend lined up which should be fun.


Changes in sleep

are normal. A period of too little sleep is also not unusual. You're brain is redecorating from cellar to dome! Basically, the reward circuitry is at the heart of our sense of wellbeing. Improvements...and withdrawal symptoms...can be all over the map.