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Better Alternative to K9 to block porn?

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I have been really tempted lately to look at porn even going as far as discovering a way to disable K9 from blocking porn sites. It is really quite easy to disable even with a throw away email address and random password that I did not store anywhere. I have sent an email to K9 about this and they have replied it is a limitation of Windows.

Does anyone know of a porn filtering program that cannot be disabled without a password? Even a paid program is okay.

Made it to 7 days!

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Hello everyone.

So far this year I have made it to six days twice and 12 days once without masturbating to porn. I am now on my seventh day of being porn and masturbation free.

I am 47 and have suffered from ED my whole life. However it was only recently, due to this site and others, that I began to believe it might be due to my lifelong porn addiction.