34 days

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Been 34 days and haven't so much as glanced at porn. Erections are still happening. These days it's a thing of not wanting them to happen lol.

I went out to eat the other day and a girl was wearing a skirt. Just seeing her legs got the blood pumping. It's just good because I feel pretty normal now. I feel like my body is responding the way it's supposed to. The only thing that I feel like I gotta work on is my diet. And I gotta start getting back to the gym. I've also gotta spend a little bit more time out in nature. The weather has been so freaking nice on the West Coast.

Good beach weather. I feel positive again. And am starting to find happiness in being single and my own person. It's been a really long time since I've felt this kind of happy... There are lots of local events going on to so I'm going to be getting out to those. I actually really want to be out and socializing. I'm really look forward to a Soul/Reggae music even that's going on in Los Angeles next month. I'm not MUCH of a dancer but when I'm at a show I really love to dance with ladies. It just feels good.

I've got my emotions in check. And I've got a plan to be successful. I've just gotta keep taking the little steps in the right direction.


yeah, very true

So nice you are thinking along these lines. Have you thought about dance lessons and dancing? These are fantastic ways to socialize, get female contact, etc.