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I had a question for any my fellow reuniters. So, obviously a good diet an exercise can help with sexual function, it increases sex appeal and generally gives one good vibes. I was wondering if any of you had been leading a previously unhealthy lifestyle and switched to a good one and if it had any affects on your libido/sexual function.

I don't know too much about what/if food have any affect on ones sexual drive. I've googled some stuff but haven't found anything that seems to have any science behind it.

Sex drive and libido aren't my only motivators for becoming healthier. It just seems like since I'm making changes in my life I may as well change the other things that I've been meaning to. I mean I've started out with running a bit and would like to start lifting as well. But I honestly have no idea where to begin.

At the moment I can't afford a personal trainer. Maybe somebody here can point me in the right direction?


i found my personal longest

i found my personal longest success streak was supported by exercise (light gym workout at least twice a week) and trying to stay away from fast food (McD's, pizza, etc) and overly greasy food (food court). sandwiches, salads that sorta thing.

I can't say the above is really definitive that it's successful, just offering my own experience.