30 Day Without Masturbation Challenge.

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Hello Everyone. I am a 23 year old man. The whole point of this blog is to keep track of the benefits and changes in life , health , sociability , spirituality while stopping Masturbation.
Since I was 11 years old , I really don't know what it feels to not have masturbated even for 4 days.
Since I first experienced it , I have done it 3 or 4 Times daily!
So I have felt , and know that my body Has lots of potential as well as my mind and my ability to be more social (In those 4 days of no masturbation)
I want to Feel what is it like to be with so much Vital force and energy.
I have experience this while masturbating every day:
My body feels empty , and like an empty whole in my back.
My skin feels like burned.(All my body skin and face)
Feet hurt , bones hurt.
Creativity shuts off for a while.
No Energy at all and just want to sleep.
No sexual Energy , so No girlfriend since my body doesn't need it. (But I want to)
Less sociable than all the other guys who have so much energy and testosterone floating around.
My face has no glow.

So , I am tired of this , and I am decided to change , and to see all the benefits and life changing things that are going to happen after it.
I also want to become an inspiration to all those guys out there that are like me , Because trust me , There are so many like me but none wants to stop. I do.

So Lets enjoy the ride , I will every day come and say to you if it was a success at not masturbating( AND IT WILL BE) And how I feel Since the very beginning to day 30. Thank you


Day 0 !!!!!!!

So today Is my day 0 , Since Yesterday I masturbated today is the day 0.
Tomorrow Will be officially the first day Without masturbation.

Today I feel , Without Sexual energy , Weak , Creativity diminished , Don't want to go out with friends , and I don't feel the need to go and talk to a girl. Maybe since I have no sexual drive. My face looks off , without glow. I am not right now very Productive at all. My back hurts and my bones feels empty.
So lets start the journey!!!!!

And by the way I am at 188 kg of weight pure fat of doing Nothing. So lets see what happens with so much energy and me doing exercise , maybe it will affect my metabolism.
(The point of this is to know all the benefits that will come from it. , Maybe some effects not so cool will be Having wet dreams , and I am not saying that masturbation is bad Sporadically , But not extremely like me EVERY DAY.)

God bless u all.

I just want to encourage the

I just want to encourage the two guys here. I'm also 23, and while both of you haven't described what your specific situations are in relationship to pornography, I've never used pornography. I didn't start masturbating until I was 20 years old. So I know the benefits of not masturbating and I know what it's like to try to quit. The urge can be very intense, the longest time that I've gone through periods of complete abstinence was a couple months. I think the big key is that if you "fall off the wagon" try not to make it into a big deal. One ejaculation in a day's time is better than two. Just keep trying and avoid anything that could make you aroused. Facebook anything.

Thanks for sharing

I'd be interested in hearing more of your story. How did you happen to not masturbate for so long? What changes do you notice (if any) after you masturbate? Do you have a sweetheart?

First let me say Marnia that

First let me say Marnia that I think you've done a wonderful thing getting information out on what I believe could change the way people look at sex forever. I grew up knowing that there must be more to sex than just getting off. That men and women should have a higher respect for each other as human beings regardless of whether or not they can "perform" (whatever that even means). That yes, sex can be as romantic and LOVING as it seems in the movies. I believe without a doubt Karezza is the way to go and should be promoted. In fact I think sex needs to be addressed more often and more candidly in this country. Not in the arbitrary way that I see it splashed all over the news feeds, but in a thoughtful serious manner. We need to talk about sex, masturbation, and pornography because all three have serious consequences that affect everyone. I want to commend you Marnia for taking this on, and it's a pleasure to talk to you.

I'm going to try to deal with my sexual history very delicately. I know there are probably few who've gone as long as I have without masturbation, and that my particular story is pretty unique. First of all, I grew up in a Christian family. I guess evangelical is the best way to put it. I wasn't raised as a fundamentalist or with liberal theology... so the term evangelical will have to do (even though that term has political connotations that don't reflect my own.) I never felt like religion was forced on me (to be sure it was a part of our life) and I'm a committed believer today of my own free will. My dad told me and my brother that if we could avoid masturbation, that in the long run it would better for us. We'd always been taught that sex is reserved for two committed people who make a commitment before God (i.e. marriage). I took his words to heart. This next experience I'm going to talk about solidified that belief.

I have a sister who is roughly four years younger than me. When I was young, maybe as young as 10 (perhaps 11 or 12) I had sexual feelings for her. I've read that this is not uncommon. I was young and knew very little about sex, but I used to give her hugs and lie in bed with her at night and become aroused. She was young and didn't know what was going on either. She just thought this was her big brother loving on her. I would rub up against her, and one day I experienced my first ejaculation. It was just how you Marnia and others have described it. It was like a cold blanket fell over me, and for the first time I felt tremendous shame for what I'd been doing. Yes, I even looked on her with disgust. Over the next few weeks it was battle to not to go into her room at night. I believe, without a doubt, it was just as much a spiritual battle as it was a physiological one. I went through a severe depression and it took a long time for me to get over what I had done. My parents (my mother in particular ) knew something was wrong with me, but I was too ashamed to tell her. I eventually accepted forgiveness from God and I forgave myself, but that incident kept me from masturbation until I was almost 21. Only in the last four months of this year have I discussed that incident openly with anyone.

Throughout that roughly ten year span I did experience wet dreams. Sometimes as infrequently as every two months. I usually could not remember them, I would just wake up to a mess in my boxers. This did act like a pressure valve, usually before I had one you could almost feel the pressure in the form an ache in my loin areas (Male PMS?). In my second year of college in October of 2009 (three years ago this month), I was on a dating site and I became aroused by a picture. It was not explicit in any way, but I became aroused by her figure. I began masturbating face down (my default way) and didn't even realize that I had climaxed.

I didn't feel guilty in any way, because I do believe that masturbation( without pornography) is one of those gray areas. In and of itself it's not sin, but it could lead to sin. At first I thought it was no big deal, but I began to notice that I would become aroused at inopportune times such as when I should be studying or getting some other much needed work done. I would then masturbate (rarely would I ever do it more than once in a day) and fall asleep. I think five times in a week is a record for me. I'd get up and feel groggy, lazy, and then the work wouldn't get done. While occasionally masturbation did become compulsive (it's never satisfying when that happens) most of the time it was something I did at night because I was bored. I did notice a shift in the way I viewed people. I become much more unloving. In the few days after an orgasm I'm always lethargic and irritable. While I never become seriously depressed as result of it, it certainly contributes to a feeling of melancholy. I've noticed sometimes an ache in my prostate. I have great deal of empathy now for people who struggle with sexual addiction because I know it's a powerful, powerful urge that can strike with great force. I've never looked at pornography, but I don't condemn anyone who has. I'm sure it's a hard thing to get free from.

A year ago I fell in love and, having been aware of your work on this subject for awhile, I knew that my masturbation could have a tremendous affect on this relationship. One day I was really moody (orgasm hangover) and was really being inconsiderate to this Woman (bless her, she took it all in stride). I loved her so much I decided then to call it quits, and was able to abstain for a couple months. The changes that take place in one's outlook are astounding. You FEEL more, and even when you do become aroused you're able to say no. Even though I wasn't able to stay completely free of masturbation after those two months, I was able to limit it to no more than 2-4 times a month. That relationship ended four months ago and I look forward to finding my bride that I can be intimate with. I've set my standards very high. No sex outside of marriage, and while that's not the prevailing wisdom of our culture I know that in the long run it's what's best. The two big things that keep me from falling into compulsive masturbation is having a busy life (two jobs and many interests) and my religious convictions. I'm trying to make another push for complete abstinence this month.

[Just as an aside Marnia, I don't know if you've ever come across it but I read about an interesting proposal in a book called the 4-Hour Body. In the book he cited a theoretical paper that proposed that the reason men do not live as long as women is because of the metabolic process that occurs during ejaculation. For me it was just another reason to avoid masturbation.]

Thanks for sharing

your story and your reasons. It's great that you're tracking your experiments and making adjustments as you go along.

It seems to be the case that some people are more sensitive to the fallout from orgasm than others, and it's likely that frequency makes a difference too.

So much to learn, and each of us has to work it out for ourselves to a degree.

Hadn't heard of the 4 Hour Body, but this Daoist book says very similar things: http://www.reuniting.info/wisdom/sources/mantak_chia_taoist_secrets_of_love