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36 and 18

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Finding that my urges are still strong, not really for P but just overall for the whole spectrum. Sometimes I think ok I can stop P from now on but if I dont do other things like consciously try to keep my mind in check and stop thinking in old ways and make new ways my progress will be stifled. Its like what I read about in Buddhism, you can meditate and read all you want about it but if you dont shift your ways to being a compassionate and selfless being then youll never make that full turn as a person. Overall progress though has been good.

? for Marnia

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I just wanted to see your take on this. Whats the difference between love and companionship? I can see "love" for family members, but is there such a thing as "true love" or is that fairy tale stuff?

Day 33

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This is day 33 of no PMO and no MO and day 15 of no O. Main things ive done is eliminate Youtube all together, its blocked, to much of a distraction. I have also cut out almost all commercial TV. There are still way too many triggers and cues there. The mistakes I read about that others do is not taking a hardline stance in regards with cues and triggers. It needs to be done at least for a while. Have noticed that I am wanting to be more outgoing.


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Its like watching a movie that everytime you watch it, you figure out something different, or something that you didnt see before. You read the same article and with every read I understand so much more. Maybe its my/your brain not letting me/you fully comprehend everything at first so it can keep getting what it wants.

But then I wonder why it didnt want me to fully understand Inception the first time I watched that? <---(jk)

Anybody have some good journal writing tips? (Day 21)

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I read a comment once from someone who had given his advice on how to construct entries but i totally forgot who wrote it or what he said. Im just looking for ideas to help me be more consistent in writing. Ive been writing sort of diary style and have been inconsistent so just looking for new ways to write in a different style perhaps. Ive searched online but the suggestions were pretty general.

Day 15 - Pleasure and Happiness

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Been reading this book that gives the differnce between the two. Basically happiness is something we cultivate from within and pleasure is something we usually feel outwardly from our 5 senses. Pleasure is always fleeting where as happiness is something that can be lasting from within.
You can be happy in a dark solitude because it is a state of being, not something external. Happiness is lasting where pleasure can become
boring or lead to suffering (as with PMO) if done for a long period of time. A great example is music. You can get great pleasure from hearing a


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Feels good to be in double digits again. Had some real serious urges later in the day yesterday but pulled through. Didnt surf the net last night again, just watched a few shows and went to sleep. Weather was pretty bad so havent started my walking/jogging but im still intent on doing that and my meditation.

I was reading these articles the other day: