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Day 12.

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Worked almost the entire day yesterday. Got home watched the football highlights and ate dinner. I didnt even get online, which actually was pretty liberating and something i should strive to do more of so hopefully its a start/. Been going pretty good with the reboot and besides the few urges I randomly get here and there that dissipate rather quickly I really havent skipped a beat.

I want to start meditating and walking/jogging/running and will be posting when I do along with this as I feel it will hold me to doing it and not just keep it as something I "want" to do.

Day 10

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Still going good. Had some serious mini fantasy urges but Im getting pretty good at making them fade away quickly. Feeling kinda like a Jedi Smile

Day 9

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Still going good. Still managing my urges pretty good as well. Its funny how my desires fade away when my erections go away. I think its because im not going to P when Im bored where as in the past I would and obviously the urges would just multiply. I just think to myself "If theres nothing going on down there right now, why start?"

I still do get erections so Im not flatlining, i guess im just balancing more.

Day 8....YouTube

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Today is day 8 of my no PM reboot. Last 2 days have been good, no real urges for the most part. I do get some occasional temptations from my brain like he wants me to maybe go check out something or click on something that pops up, but I know better (He as in me lol). Those urges usually dont linger for very long. Read a book last night instead of getting online which im going to try more of. I also want to start working out as my body has been feeling kinda logy.

Day 5 complete.

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Still going good. Been having occasional flashbacks of some P but nothing major. Been doing pretty good to not dwell on those thoughts. A lot of the triggers I picked up on in my relapses have been very helpful as I have been cautious in avoiding them. I know what will send me down those slippery slopes so ive been going different directions when those triggers come up.

"Its always easy to be what you are, Whats hard is to be what you want to be"

Day 4 far so good. Animal shows helping?

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First off everythings going good and im forging ahead smoothly. Also this counter is changing to MP only now since I have O'd but whats more important for me is staying off MP anyway so still going good. Hopefully no chaser from the O but i will be keeping a guard up for it. (just FYI I have no ED problems, my reboot is more for breaking the MP "habit"). As far as the animal shows, Ive been trying to watch them more as for some reason I think they help take my mind off P.

Day 2

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Kept myself pretty busy all day so no time to even think of P. Still tweaking my organizational skills but theyll get there. Im also trying to minimalize my home which I already have for the most part but now Im just doing the little details, which in themselves may take several weeks depending on how proactive I am. Im also trying to streamline my reboot. So Im just not trying to think too much about every little nuance of what I should or shouldnt be doing if that makes sense.

Day 1 Mind renewal/reboot

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Have been in a funk past few weeks but my minds clearing up. Haven't really been looking at "real" P just Youtube and Dailymotion stuff (Dailymotion has been kicking my butt) Ive already made the adjustments to those sites and hopefully ill keep guard on those. Its tough with those sites because even women who arent dressed provocatively but are attractive get me to cross that line. Its like Im back to when I was younger when I didnt have internet access and was looking at magazine pictures, etc.

There is no magic key to unlocking this PMO problem.

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Well except for the obvious...Stop using. I think everybody is trying to figure out how to do that though and its not easy. I think some of us (including myself) sometimes come to this site thinking theres going to be some secret we find that will magically make us stop watching, but there isnt. There is more than enough info on these sites but insight without action is totally useless. If I were to sit down with Michael Jordan and have him tell me every one of his secrets and techniques about basketball, it wouldnt do anything for me if I were never to go practice playing.

Back to square 1. again.

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Well my thoughts and desires did me in again after a week of no PMO at all. Its so funny because what did me in the first time when i relapsed a few months back were flashbacks of "real" encounters, these past two times have been both P flashbacks. I guess it makes sense since the P is so fresh in my mind. Im not really discouraged though, Tomorrow is a new start. Its like if I were building a jenga tower of blocks and I got a quarter ways up and they all fell, Im peeved but Im not just gonna sit there staring at the blocks on the floor, Im gonna start rebuilding.