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Day 92!

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Hey everyone! I just reached day 90 again.

I feel pretty much the same as the last time I was at day 90. I'm more confident and I care less what everyone thinks. The thing that frightens me most is that I'm pretty close to my last "record" witch is 106 days. I'm really careful at the moment and I try not to spend too much time at the computer.

Day 37 - Second attempt at reboot

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Its been a while since my last post. There's been a lot of struggles in my life recently. I ended up on a big relapse just before the Easter holidays and i went on a mega binge at the day before the last day of Eastern (In Noway that is the 7.04.2012) After that i felt disgusted by myself and i promised myself that this was the last time. It was not just the fact that i had failed but also the fact that all the gains that i had achieved from being PMO free had gone away. I was really depressed and the social awkwardness that i had before came back.

Day 70! Libido talk

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Hey guys. Its day 70!

Woken up with 70% full erections every day in this week (should it be a 100%?) and my libido is going crazy. I don't constantly go around with a boner but i feel a tingling in my groin ALL the time. At most times its awesome. When i talk or walk by women, i feel powerful, and i keep remembering the kiss from last weekend. It has been playing on constant replay in my head and it obviously makes me horny. But sometimes its kind of annoying because i'm in my exam period and i need to think of other things.

Day 65! Night out

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Hey everyone, just came home from a night out so this won't be long.

Met a wonderful girl, got her phone number and started making out with her. God i love my life right now. Her girl friend pulled her off me while we were making out, i really don't know what that was all about though. My libido feels great. It's kind of strange but i feel that when i drink it seems that my sex drive is the only feeling i have that stays constant.. Or even gets more intense. It felt so good kissing her. It felt better then orgasming almost lol :P