Day 134. Finally talked to someone about my addiction and rebalancing

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So last night I was talking to a close female friend of mine (totally platonic, for what it's worth), and I told her everything. Told her about the porn addiction, and my rebalancing efforts over the last 6 months.

This is significant because I have not told a single person in real life about my addiction or my recovery efforts. Only people online know about this. I was extremely reassured to hear her tell me exactly the sorts of things that Marnia and the guys who are on this site have been telling me - she said that she thought it was very commendable that I recognized the problem and took action to combat it, and she also reassured me that even though I have never successfully had intercourse because of porn-induced ED, that I would surely find a girlfriend / significant other who would be willing to be patient with me and help me overcome this issue.

Though I certainly appreciate the kind words and support from people online, it's quite powerful to share that with a person in real life, and to have them provide reassurance that things will ultimately be OK. Just thought I'd share that, because it certainly meant a lot to me and her words will be something I hold onto as I continue this process.


good for you

glad you told her.

My partner was very understanding of my situation (I didn't know it was due to porn at the time.) I was technically a virgin at the time. I had had unsuccessful attempts at intercourse. She was patient and I was able to finally have intercourse. And that was a long time ago now and we've been together all these years and very happy. Now we're doing Karezza and having a great time at it.

That's a great story. I also

That's a great story. I also told my friend about some of the changes that I (and other guys here online) have experienced through rebooting. Changes such as increased female attention, increased interest in women and getting to know them, as opposed to simply lusting after them because they resemeble our favorite porn star, etc.

I told her that because this problem is a direct obstacle that prevents me from experiencing the intimacy that I would like, I would appreciate that intimacy all the more once I finally find I think that I'd make a great boyfriend for someone..........she can be rest assured that I won't be looking at any porn, and I'm going to value the relationship because I feel like I've had to fight so hard and make so many sacrifices just to get to that point.

I could've continued to wack off to porn for the rest of my life, but I chose something different, and not because I just wanted to sleep with a bunch of girls, but because I wanted real intimacy and a real connection with someone someday.