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Day 78 no P, day 24 no MO. I thought it was supposed to get easier?

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Overall, I think I'm doing OK. One thing I've noticed with this latest period of abstinence from MO (and other such periods before) is that even though people say resisiting the urge to masturbate to orgasm becomes easier after about 3 weeks or so, that's not my experience. My experience is the exact opposite - I go through a flatline phase for about 2 or 3 weeks, and then it becomes much harder (no pun intended) to resist. After about the 21 day mark or so, I start walking around with erections all of the time.........this time around is no different.

Day 65 no P, day 11 no MO. Update after 2 weeks of no posting.

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So I wanted to provide an update since I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. I am day 65 into no porn, and day 11 into no MO. I'm especially happy about going 11 days without MO because I initially went 29 days without PMO, then went for about three weeks where I indulged in MO once every 2 or 3 days or so, maybe making it to 4 or 5 days once or twice. But 11 days feels like a good jump start as far as getting back on the no MO horse. I think I can stay away from porn, even though I did have a really vivid porn dream the other night.

Day 48 no P, day 3 no MO. Stress causing temptation to indulge in PMO

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So over the last few days, things have gotten really stressful (money problems), not to mention I've been battling a moderately bad cold for the last two weeks now, so I feel sick and sluggish every day. I find myself wanting to indulge in PMO not even because I really want to watch it, but because I know it will feel soooooooo good and will be a wonderful release. What are some good alternatives to stress release???? I know people like to suggest yoga and meditation, but I've tried those things before and they don't seem to work well for me. Kinda puts me to sleep.

Day 44 no P, day 2 no MO. Porn fantasies creeping back in.

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So as I posted in my last blog update at day 30, I relapsed back into MO (but not P) on day 29 I think it was. I had very few, if any, porn cravings up until the last week or so. It could be related to the fact that since that first MO relapse on day 29, I've MO'd about 4 or 5 times. Haven't gone back to P though. But for some reason, over the last week or so the dreams have been getting crazier (I replay old porn clips I used to like in my sleep while I'm dreaming), and the cravings are stronger during my waking hours.

Day 30. Broke down and MO'd. No P though. New perspective on sex life.

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So I don't know if anyone read yesterday's blog entry and the comments I posted after the blog went up, but I broke down last night and indulged myself in MO.

Basically, I ended up masturbating, and "edged" three times without having an orgasm. The third time around, I just couldn't hold the orgasm anymore - the blue balls were leading to some fairly serious physical pain in my stomach, and I ended up releasing. A whole month's worth of pent-up sexual energy suddenly released.

Day 29. OMG I'm hard all of the time.

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OK so here I am standing at the precipe of one month without PMO (well, I slipped and rubbed myself for like 2 seconds the other day, but definitely not to the point of orgasm). Anyway, I honestly kind of wish I was in a flatline phase. I was in that phase for the first two or three weeks, but now I can't control it. Surprisingly, at this very moment, I'm "calm" but for most of the day I've been hard. My dick has turned into this raging pit bull that badly wants to be out of its cage. It doesn't crave porn - it wants MO. Well, actually it wants real sex, but I'm sure MO would do.

Day 28. What constitutes a relapse?

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So guys, what constitutes a relapse? This morning I woke up with the strongest morning wood yet and before I could even realize what I was doing, I was masturbating prone. Not for long - no more than a minute, and granted I was half-asleep - but I did it nonetheless. Does this count? Does this mean I have to reset the PMO clock?