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Unsure if I'm repressing my GF

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My gf gets really really horny and turned on whenever we have sex and that hasn't changed with karezza sex. I've constantly tried my best to get her to relax by breathing into belly, taking longer breaths, synching her breathing with mine. She would typically loose control if she's on top of me or if I'm thrusting at a moderate speed. Almost always I can feel her vagina constantly and unwillingly contracting and squeezing my penis. It would only relax a bit after I get her to breath deeper.

Finally lasted long, but many ejaculations and stimulation

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Hello everyone. I felt that it was necessary for me to update my status just in case someone was just browsing the website and happened to come across my postings and felt that they had a similar issue to mine. I'm always grateful to those who provide status updates as I'd like to see how they went about solving their problem.

Chia's book, trials, mood swings, energy, orgasms

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So i just felt like writing about what's been going on with me. It's been a while since i've last posted. I just want to communicate with others that may have experienced difficulties like mine, are experiencing them currently, or can help me out. I've been finding it quite difficult to go down this untraditional path when everyone around me is doing quite the opposite.

A few things :

- I broke up with my gf, but we got back together a few days later. Relationship has been stronger since then