Looking for Karezza's in Los Angeles

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I am sorry I don't mean to make this out like I am just looking for a girlfriend BUT it all gets so theoretical since I don't have one. I mean I have a long distance 'relationship' with a woman in England but nobody here. I am really intrigued and interested in the ideas in the Cupid book...................but feel very alone here. Any ideas



Be a Karezza man

I think it's unlikely that you will find someone who is already practicing karezza; we're in the minority (like really really). I think your best bet is to develop the intention to be with whoever you're with in a generous non-goal oriented way. When you do find someone who you want to be with, you can introduce the ideas by practicing them from your end (and talking about them of course).

You might try meeting people at "spiritual" venues. That's no guarantee of a trained mind or open heart, but your odds are better.

There are some resources on this site (somewhere) about practicing karezza solo. Maybe check those out. I believe (although I have no experience to prove it) that doing this will help you attract the "right" kind of woman.