2nd day

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Well, a new day a new perspective.

The first day went quite well, no major incidents, although I wasn't alone all day. I think I'm finding myself agreeing with the tips and tricks of many others, that say that you should surround yourself with people the first period of your abstinence. Although I won't be able to do that every day, I will be able to call friends/family and distract myself in that manner. I also have magnificent amounts of books I've wanted to read, for some time now, so this is a good opportunity.

I feel like it helps to start the day here. It gives me time to just reflect on my objective, the most important one right now. Even work and studies must bow under any things necessary to get through this period. I think one must adopt such a viewpoint if one wants to be successful at ridding oneself of PMO, or at the very least P. I don't feel as hypersexual as I felt before my downfall yesterday, and I think I'm at a dopamine low right now. I'm trying to abstain from the typical things I would do to get my dopamine pumping(porn, sexual daydreaming etc.). It's just me and my lowness, dullness, even a dash of self-loathing, in somewhat of a good way though.

It motivates me a little bit to just feel this state, this state of calm, yet, impossible madness, simultaneously.

I'm off into day two. So far so good.